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Friday, September 15, 2006

The Rugged Man

When I heard R.A. The Rugged Man, 2004 debut, I thought that he was a weird mc (just look at the picture, he looks like a retard), he’s disgusting but he's dope at the same time, and I got to say that his album was surprising, and one of the best of 2004, but while listening to his stories and lines like “it used to be my name only equal bad news”, and reading that he got dropped from a ton o record labels and was fucked by the industry for 10 years, I was kinda confuse about how a dope MC like Rugged Man could have such a bad reputation…
I made a little research and I found out that his real debut album was released back in 94 called “Night of the Bloody Apes”, under the name of “Crustified Dibbs”, and I made one of my life’s objectives find that album, to post it here.
When I finally found that rarity (wich I was imagining it as a lost and forgotten masterpiece) I was mad excited, damn, it even had a Biggie featuring , until I listened to it… a few minutes after start listening to the album, I realized that it sucked so bad that I couldn’t believe that it was from the same guy who dropped “Die Rugged Die”, I mean, It wasn’t just garbage, It was what garbage wants to be when it grows up, It was the definition of “trash-made-by-a-whack- rapper-that-should-get-shot-in-the-mouth-for-making-it”, If I had a label, I wouldn’t let him record an album, dammit, I wouldn't even let him enter the building… The Album wasn’t even worth uploading. But if you want to check it anyway, here’s the link from where I downloaded.

I don’t know what he did, but right now he’s one of my favorite underground rapper, he made a guest appearance on a new Jedi Mind Tricks track, and he completely owned the album, it’s one of the best tracks of the year, no joke. Link for the JMT track.

And since I didn’t up his album because of the high level of whackness, I upped a bootleg called “Even Dwarves Started Small”, a compilation of Rugged Man’s guest appearances and miscellaneous tracks, some of them are from Soundbombing Compilations (no trash, this is the good Rugeed Man), I didn’t found any tracklist to copy and I’m too lazy to copy and paste all the names.. so let’s just say that the guestlist includes: Havoc, Mr. Eon, Smut Peddlers, Channel Live, Agallah, Craig G, Black Market Militia, J-Live, Sadat X, Akineyle, Notorious B.I.G. and as bonus, I included a track with Godfather Don and Prince Po called “Tha Hardway” and the JMT track.
Have fun.

And I'm requesting some songs from him that I couldn't find, if you got any of them, please, it me up.:

1993 “FOR MY NIGGAS” feat. Notorious B.I.G., Akineyl
1996 “WHO’S DAT GUY” feat. Mobb Deep
1998 “PIECE OF SHIT” feat. Tragedy Khadafi
2001 “SEPTEMBER RAP” (prod. by DJ Quik)
2004 “UNDERGROUND” (from Tony Hawks Underground)
2004 “RING KINGS” feat. Hostyle

Do you like R.A. The Rugged Man? you don't? Hit me up


alleyal said...

i feel the same way with his old shit.
eve the biggie shit's aiight.
but maybe if we listened to it in 94
when it first droppped it woulda been aiigt.
i 1st heard him on soundbombing's
till my fucking heart stops w/agallah,
and r.a. was just dope..
all his other shit from the soundbombing series
doesn't standout like that..
and that is what the entire
DIE RUGGED MAN DIE reminds me of..
from beginning to end, he tells his story
and he's just rappin' til his heart stops!

i thought for sure he'd get put on
after he dropped this in 04 but
i guess there's still a stigma on him.
maybe he's still blacklisted..
yeah HISstory is ridiculous!

krukz said...

brand new joint from the blazing heat single:
this is a mixtape version, it's not finished but the track is dope anyway.
mixtape cover
another brand new "boxing history freestyle" from that mixcd:

r.a. is the illest, but that crustified dibbs shit is real fucked up, don't even bother downloading this

krukz said...

that's the cover, sorry

Kazeiro said...

Thanks man, Damn that "Supah" is dopness, and the freestyle over a 50 Cent beat is also good shit

Commish CH said...

Thanks a ton, RA is one of my undergound favorites. Going to check w/ JMT here in CO next month

Anonymous said...

naaah man the first album is dope!!!!!
splatter trash shit!listen to every recordlabel sucks dick..trashy but dope bloodshed whua

Anonymous said...

yeah its good to see him get some recognition
"i eat cunts out with spoons"

9@home said...

If you'd asked, I could've passed you the old album no problem. - And I would've warned you that it wasn't exactly what he's doing nowadays. I honestly think this guy is a genius. If you listen to the tracks on Die Rugged Man, Die, it sounds like he's doing self-therapy through his lyrics. Very personal stories and tragedies. Yet, he spits pure dopeness.
have you heard his verse on the Nature Sounds compilation? On the track with Black Market Militia he kills it!

Kazeiro said...

yea, I heard it, and I loved it, the track is included on this bootleg

Anonymous said...

R.A.'s first album was awesome, you need to back the fuck up!!!!!

Shokata87 said...

You're tha MAN!!!I'm searching about two weeks after "Die, rugged man,Die", and now I found it!But the link is damaged, please upload it again on, if it's possible!!! THX very much

Anonymous said...

Hey I went to High School with Ryan aka RA. He's as crazy and f-up as he says funny as hell too, and pull his unit out in public too as he claims! (not that this is a good thing)

Anyway you can repost his stuff you got?

I came on too late !


Anonymous said...

the firs album is cool

you are a new jack, go die.

Anonymous said...

fuck all you gay cunts
"i dont think your qualafied to roll with the crustified?


SubCordem said...

poh, whats your prob man?
the "crustified" rocks as hell - think its better than the "die rugged man die". ok the only thing is, that the mix is very poor...