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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Jazzmatazz vol.3

Guru (2000) Jazzmatazz Volume III: Streetsoul

The third entry in the Jazzmatazz series from Guru of Gangstarr fame. As the title seems to suggest, this volume featured a blend of Soul with R&B. As with previous releases, a host of guest performers were featured on this recording. Most of the artists are stalwarts of the neo soul and R&B scene. First-time appearances in the series were made by several contemporary acts, including Amel Larrieux, Angie Stone, Bilal, Craig David, Donell Jones, Erykah Badu, and The Roots. Veterans featured on this release include Herbie Hancock and Isaac Hayes. Not as good as the previous ones, but pretty decent.

1. "Intro"
2. "Keep Your Worries" (feat. Angie Stone)
3. "Hustlin' Daze" (feat. Donell Jones)
4. "All I Said" (feat. Macy Gray and Pharrell Williams)
5. "Certified" (feat. Bilal and Jay Dee)
6. "Plenty" (feat. Erykah Badu)
7. "Lift Your Fist" (feat. The Roots)
8. "Guidance" (feat. Amel Larrieux)
9. "Interlude" (Brooklyn Skit)"
10. "Supa Love" (feat. Kelis)
11. "No More" (feat. Craig David)
12. "Where's My Ladies?" (feat. Big Shug)
13. "Night Vision" (feat. Isaac Hayes)
14. "Who's There?" (feat. Les Nubians)
15. "Mashin' up da World" (feat. Prodigal Son and Junior Reid)
16. "Timeless" (feat. Herbie Hancock)

Jazzmatazz vol.4 is going to be released next year, so keep your ears open.

Sorry, I uploaded the vol.2 by mistake, I'll upload the real one, sorry to all who downloaded the wrong version.



bankhead said...

2. "Keep Your Worries" (feat. Angie Stone)

one of my favorite songs ever. I saw Guru live yesterday (no joke!). it wasn't really good. he really mises DJ Premier live. DJ Solar just doens't cut it. a real shame

Kazeiro said...

Also, Solar's production on Version 7.0 - The Street Scriptures, wasn't that good... he's going to produce Jazzmatazz vol.4, so I don't know if it's going to catch up with the previous volumes...

Anonymous said...

hey man, i really liked a huge gangstarr fan, but never checked out guru's solo stuff... any chance u could give us the link for vol 1 and 2? -i didnt download em when u had em upped.


Anonymous said...

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