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Sunday, September 17, 2006

The Impossible Mission

De La Soul (2006) The Impossible Mission Mixtape

De La Soul is back with a new mixtape full of exclusive material, which has been out for a few months and I rarely heard people mentioning it... I guess most of people are too busy listening to Rick Ross to check the old De La Soul, but anyways, this is a great mixtape/album, one of the best releases that I heard this year, if you’re a De La fan, then you know that you have to listen to this.

1. Impossible Intro
2. Live @ The Dugout ’87
3. Voodoo Circus
4. Friends
5. What The F**k #1
6. Go Out And Get It
7. Beef
8. Reverse Ya Seps
9. You Got It feat. Butta Verses
10. What The F**k #2
11. Just Havin’ A Ball
12. What If
13. Relax !!
14. Wasn’t For You
15. Freestyle [Dat S**t] 2006
16. What The F**k #3
17. Freedom Train
18. Bonus Track


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