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Monday, September 18, 2006

Live At The Renaissance

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Q-Tip (2006) Live At The Renaissance

Q-Tip, member of the famous A Tribe Called Quest, must be one of the more wasted talents on the industry… I mean, just look at his solo discography:

1999: Amplified
2002: Kamaal the Abstract (Shelved)
2005: Open (Shelved)
2006: Live At The Renaissance (To be Released/Shelved)

He made 4 albums and only one was released, now tell me that the industry doesn’t suck...

This isn’t his best work to date, but It’s pretty good, check it ou.

01 Johnny died
02 Fever
03 That's sexy (feat. Andre 3000)
04 Say something for me
05 Black boy
06 Passes you by
07 Official
08 Lisa
09 I’m not gone have it
10 Feelings
11 Where do you go
12 I believe (feat. D'Angelo)
13 Compute
14 A million times
15 Untitled

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