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Thursday, September 07, 2006

"Just keep on doin' tha Humpty Hump..."

No Nose Job - The Legend of Digital Underground

While hip-hop was consumed by the hardcore, political rap of Public Enemy and the gangsta rap of N.W.A., Digital Underground sneaked out of Oakland with their bizarre, funky homage to Parliament-Funkadelic. They had a weird sense of style and humor, highlighted by Shock-G's outrageous costumes and the whole band's parade of alter egos including the famous Humpty Hump — a ridiculous comical figure with a plastic nose and glasses and a goofy, stuttering voice. Over the course of their career, Digital Underground have featured a numerous members (including 2Pac), but throughout it all, Shock-G has remained at their core, developing the band's sound and style, which they had from the outset,This compilation includes classics like the famous “The Humpty Dance”, “Doowutchyali”, “Same Song” or “Wussup With The Love”, a must have.

1. The Humpty Dance
2. Freaks Of The Industry
3. Doowutchyalike
4. Same Song
5. The Way We Swing
6. Packet Man
7. Dope-A-Delic (Do-U-B-Leeve-In-D-Flo)
8. No Nose Job
9. Kiss You Back
10. The Return Of The Crazy One
11. Wussup With The Love
12. Carry The Way (Along Time)
13. Flowin' On The D Line
14. Doo Woo You

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