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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Masters of The Universe

Binary Star (2000) Masters of The Universe

Binary Star is an underground duo based out of Pontiac, MI. In ’99 they released their debut album, Water World. After changing to Subterraneous Records, they re-released Water World in November of 2000, by remixing the whole album and renaming it Masters of the Universe, the result was a masterpiece that has everything a great hip-hop album requires, with varied beats, differing rhyme deliveries, and content you'll find yourself thinking about long after it's been said. With quotes like this:

"Rap's got 'em brainwashed with cash that don't last
And five minutes of fame, that's when it's a shame
Seein' real MCs try to imitate rappers
If you ask me, they goin' out ass-backwards
Tradin' in respect just to push a phat Lex
Puffy rhymin' on the remix, what's next?!"


"A whack emcee is something I could never be
That's like growing dreadlocks while you taking chemotherapy"

It's easy to see why this is a refreshing alternative from the mainstream of rap. A True Underground Classic.
The Album features: Decompoze, DJ Phrikshun, DJ Upperkut, Elzhi, J.U.ICE, AML, O Type Star, Lacks and Brenda Jae.

1. Reality Check
2. Conquistadors
3. Solar Powered Intro
4. Solar Powered
5. Slang Blade Intro
6. Slang Blade
7. Binary Shuffle Intro
8. Binary Shuffle
9. Fellowship
10. New Hip Hop
11. Masters of the Universe
12. Indy 500
13. Evolution of Man
14. I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings (part 1)
15. I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings (part 2)
16. Honest Expression
17. Honest Expression Outro
18. Glen Close
19. Wolf Man Jack Intro
20. Wolf Man Jack
21. One Man Army
22. KGB Intro
23. KGB
24. Album Outro


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