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Friday, September 28, 2007


Percee P [2007] Perseverance

First of all, a small intro on Percee P:
PERCEE P came up in the Patterson Houses Projects of the Bronx, NY. He started hearing the precursors of hip-hop out of his windows before he was in kindergarten, around 1973. By ten, Percee had a mic in his hand.

"Percee P is one of the most important rappers to never get his due. His style has been cited as a major influence on the likes of Pharoahe Monch (that's him on the 'Lung Collapsing Lyrics' intro) and basically all of DITC (via Lord Finesse, who he battled in '89). He's cut records with everyone from Kane & Kool Keith to Aesop Rock & Jurassic 5 and outshined just about all of them. That's his voice on DJ Shadow's 'Napalm Brain, Scatter Brain'. I could go on... In short, aside from Big Daddy Kane, he's the illest quote unquote fast rapper to ever touch the mic. But because he's only recorded about 18 verses in as many years, not a lot of heads know what's up."

After all these years in the background, Percee FINALLY releases his debut, and what label would be better for that than Stones Throw Records?
This is also another personal favourite album of mine that dropped in these last weeks, Percee P's flow is legendary (even thought I've heard some complains about he doesn't adjust it to the beats throught the album), his lyrics put a lot of good rappers in shame, and the Madlib production is great as always. A must.

1. Intro
2. The Hand That Leads You
3. The Man To Praise
4. Legendary Lyricist feat. Madlib
5. Watch Your Step feat. Vinnie Paz and Guilty Simpson
6. Who With Me?
7. 2 Brothers From The Gutter feat. Diamond D
8. Ghetto Rhyme Stories
9. Throwback Rap Attack
10. No Time For Jokes feat. Chali 2na
11. Last Of The Greats feat. Prince Po
12. BX (Interlude)
13. Put It On The Line
14. The Dirt And Filth feat. Aesop Rock
15. LA (Interlude)
16. Mastered Craftsman
17. Raw Heat (45 Version)
18. The Lady Behind Me
19. Outro

Produced by Madlib

And here's something that I was looking for a while, this is true Hip Hop history, thank god for youtube:

Percee P vs. Lord Finesse Live @ The Patterson Projects, 1989 Pt. 1

Percee P vs. Lord Finesse Live @ The Patterson Projects, 1989 Pt. 2

If you listen to these old battles you'll notice many of the lines were later re-used in a lot of Percee P songs, including songs from Perseverance. But the best part must be the ice cream truck comming over Ahaha.

And here's another video you might be interested in:

Percee P, Eminem and Fat Joe trading verses (old getto-ass video):

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Legend Of The Mask and The Assassin

First of all, as you may have noticed, EVERY SINGLE ONE of my Rapidshare links is dead. It says deleted by uploader (me), but we all know that's bullshit. The point is... I'm not going to re-up them, I only re-upped the Pete Philly link and will LATER re-up the collections. Sorry about that, I don't have much free time right now and that's how it's going to be. Now on today's post:

DJ Muggs Vs. Sick Jacken Feat. Cynic (2007)
Legend Of The Mask and The Assassin

We all know who DJ Muggs is: the producer behind Cypress Hill, who as delivered a few solo albums with cool guestspots, has done some trip-hop with some well-known names and his most recent album with GZA was amazing. I think everyone will agree with me when I say Muggs is a great producer and one of the most underrated around.
Now, I know some of you will be asking "Who the hell is this Sick Jacken guy!?", well, remember The Psycho Realm? He was on it. I don't have many info about this guy, but every recent verse I've heard from him was good, and I loved the song he was on from Evidence's The Weatherman LP. The album also features the participation of Cynic from Street Platoon. Don't expect some typical Cypress Hill weed songs, but some deep and political subjects, like Vatican corruption on "God's Banker", and some revolutionary war reports on "2021".

Just check their myspace to hear their single, I really liked this album.

1. Initiation
2. Mask and the Assassin
3. Ciclón
4. Land of Shadows
5. God's Banker
6. Reptilian Renaissance
7. Praying Mantis
8. Barrio
9. Unorthodox Blocks
10. Hole (P.O.W.)
11. Stairs to the Beast
12. Black Ships
13. Rebel Angels
14. Silent Crimes
15. 2012

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Mystery Repeats

Pete Philly and Perquisite [2007] Mystery Repeats

So I'm back, I'm not to talk about my vacations (which were cool if you're wondering), and I'm going straight to the music. If you've been following my blog you know Pete Philly and Perquisite are a fresh english-speaking dutch group with a jazzy style that I love, if you don't, then I guess it's the time to expand your horizons. In my opinion, I think they're other album is a lot better, but judge it yourself.

01. Clap Kick Flow
02. Womb To Tomb
03. Fish To Fry
04. Hectic
05. Q&A
06. Believer
07. Awake
08. Traveller (feat. Erminia Fernández Córdoba & Ricardo Rivera)
09. Last Love Song
10. Freestyle
11. Third Degree
12. Balance (feat. GMB)
13. Empire
14. High Tide
15. Mystery Repeats
16. Time Flies

I still have some catching to do, but there are a few new albums that are "best of 2007 list" worthy, make sure you look out for new posts.


Friday, September 07, 2007

See you in a Week...

I'm going to Cape Verde on vacations (finally) so I won't be posting for a week. Make sure you check all the usual blogs while I'm gone. Peace.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Monster Maker

Sharkey and C-Rayz Walz are...
Monster Maker [2007]

I've only had a chance to listen to this great album this week, and I really liked it. Liked Gnarls Barkley? Wait untill you hear this one. Renowed producer/DJ Sharkey and indie hip-hop stalwart C-Rayz Walz have teamed up to deliver a concept record that speaks to the Monsters within us all.

Check out their site for more info and a to have a taste of the album.

01 Birth Of Ratto Di Laboratorio
02 This Ol' Twisted World
03 My Way
04 Pain To The Picture
05 Jumping Off At The Jumpoff
06 Electric Avenue
07 Might She Shoot
08 We Speak Animal
09 Forgotten
10 Loss Of Niche ft. Zooks
11 The Moment Before Crazy ft. Vast Aire
12 Slim Chances