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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A Lo Cubano

Orishas (2000) A Lo Cubano

I was bumping Orishas the other day and I thought that I didn't know if most of visitors know about them, since they're pretty popular here, but I rarely read anything about them.

Orishas is a hip-hop group whose members had emigrated from Cuba. Their music describes social problems on the peripheries of Havana.
The group is very popular in Europe and Latin America. Yotuel and Ruzzo, two Cubans who moved from Havana to Paris as part of an international studies program, joined Roldan and Flaco-Pro to form the band in 1999. Their work is influenced by the hip-hop movement as well as both Latin and Cuban rhythms.
I'm a big fan of artists who mix their country's musical styles with Hip-Hop, and just like Marcelo D2 has done it Samba, Orishas have done it with Cuban music.

1. Intro
2. Represent
3. Atrevido
4. A Lo Cubano
5. Barrio
6. S.O.L.A.R.
8. Atencion
9. Mistica
10. Canto Para Elewa Y Chango
11. Madre
12. Orishas Llego
13. 537 C.U.B.A.
14. Connexion
15. Triunfo

I'm going to London on Holydays, so enjoy the music.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Travel At Your Own Pace [Album of the year?]

Y Society (2007) Travel At Your Own Pace

Some people with a really good taste in Hip-Hop recommended me this album, and as soon as I started listening, I was amazed. Group members Insight and Damu the Fudgemunk created a masterpiece. It just feels like it was made in 1994: amazing jazzy beats with awsome scratches and nostalogic samples, something that would remind you of old Pete Rock, Primo or Diamond D, aswell as an unique new style from Damu. The Boston, MA resident MC Insight has gained the respect of his peers including Mr. Lif, Edan, and Electric Company over the last decade. And he can really spit good lyrics with an amazing fast (or slow at times) flow.

I really really think you should listen to this, and post your thoughts.

1. Intro
2. This is an Introduction
3. Never Off (On & On)
4. Hole In Your Pocket
5. This Advice
6. Good Communication
7. Scientist
8. Dizzy
9. How Many Of Us?
10. Puzzles
11. What's Next
12. In Command
13. Setting the Example
14. At My Own Pace
15. Peace I'm Out the Door
16. Never Off (On & On- Insight Remix)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Still Rising

Jeru The Damaja [2007] Still Rising

I've been waiting for this album forever, and when it finally leaks, I have to spend all night studying... life's a bitch. Enjoy the album, I will listen to it tomorrow, even thought I'm not expecting another classic like the ones he dropped with Primo, I sure expect some good tracks.
EDIT: After listening to the album, it's safe to say it's a little better than what I was expecting, the production is not anything near Primo, but it's decent (and sometimes actually good), I think the 2 beats handled by Jeru are standouts and the Showcase produced track "NY" features a modern rap beat in which Jeru's flow kinda fits, the lyrics are on point as usual, Jeru fans will like to hear another story of his fight against ignorance on "The Prophet", I bolded my favorite tracks. Thanks for keeping making good music for your fans Jeru.

01. Intro
02. The Crack
03. The Prophet
04. Ghetto
05. Murdera
06. Quantum Leap
07. History 101
08. How Ill
09. Will Grow (Interlude)
10. Dirty Bomb
11. NY

12. Juss Buggn'
13. Airplay
14. Kick Rocks
15. Hold Tight
16. Streets

Tracks 02,03,04,05,06,07,08,09,12,14,15,16 produced by Sabor
Tracks 10,13 produced by Jeru
Track11 produced by Showcase

Oh, and in case you care, I re-upped the Jeru collection.

Friday, October 05, 2007

I will not party like a rockstar in class...

Kidz In The Hall & Mick Boogie (2007) Detention

While Kanyeezy is doing the "dropout" concept, chi-town Rawkus signed group Kidz In The Hall keep up their school concept. I'm really looking forward for their next release. Oh, and you got to love that cover ahaha.

01. Intro
02. Detention Freestyle
03. Lose Your Mind
04. Kickdrums Freestyle
05. Never Forget
06. Get Busy Pt.1
07. Work To Do
08. Train of Thought
09. Clothes, Hoes & Liquor
10. Hush
11. Real Life Isht
12. Slippery Shoes
13. Move On Up Refix
14. Keep It Movin'
15. Feelin' Good
16. Tha Wall - Nick Stylez
17. Detention Outro

PS: Sorry about not posting very often, I'm very busy right now.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Return of the DJ Vol. 5

Return of the DJ Vol. 5 [2003]

1. Rotdj Radio - DJ Shortfuse
2. Disc Duel - DJ Hype & the Phaderheadz
3. Director's Cut - '89 Skratch Gangstaz (DJ Pone and Snayk Eyez)
4. The Detonator - Ales One & DJ Teeko
5. 1-8-7 - DJ Marvel
6. Recognize - The Fingerbangerz
7. Hate Me - DJ Astro
8. Destroy - Alien Army
9. Panic - Timestretch, DJ Nerve, & Trouble B
10. Quattro Respirato - Azzurro feat. Hashim B.
11. Catch Wreck - Jazz Addixx feat. DJ Ragz, DJ Boom, & Mudd
12. The Old School Day Trip - DJ X-Rated
13. Aych 2 Oh - H.O.P.
14. Broccoli Wars - Noisy Stylus
15. I'm The Mutha F'n Man - DJ T-Rock
16. The Boys Dope! - Mista Ed
17. Ventilation - DJ JS-1