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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Intelligent Hoodlum

Tragedy Khadafi (1990) Intelligent Hoodlum

1990 was a year full of classics, people remember it because of releases from artists like: PE, Ice Cube, Brand Nubian, Kool G. Rap, ATCQ, PRT, etc. but there’s one album that I rarely hear mentioning: Intelligent Hoodlum, that in my opinion, stands right up there with the classics.
Produced by legendary producers Marley Marl and Large Professor, Khadafi raps about politics and culture, while finding plenty of room for whimsical observations and some fine vocal flow. So, if you like old school cuts like Gang Starr or Eric B. & Rakim, then this golden age masterpiece will no doubt satisfy.

1. Intelligent Hoodlum
2. Back to Reality
3. Trag Invasion
4. No Justice, No Peace
5. Party Animal
6. Black and Proud
7. Game Type
8. Microphone Check
9. Keep Striving
10. Party Pack
11. Arrest the President
12. Your Tragedy

Friday, September 29, 2006


V.A. – 1994 – Rapública

I’ve already posted Da Weasel’s debut album, the first hip-hop album made in Portugal, but back then, Da Weasel use to rap in English, so I didn’t really help the Portugal Hip-Hop scene…
Then this album came out, a compilation of tracks made by Portuguese rappers and for the first time, there was rap in Portuguese, and It’s considered the Landmark of Hip-Hop “Tuga”.

01. Black Company - "Nadar"
02. Zona Dread - "Putos da Rua"
03. Funky D - "Minha Banda"
04. Boss AC - "A Verdade"
05. New Tribe - "Palavras"
06. Zona Dread - "Só Queremos Ser Iguais"
07. Funky D - "É Natural"
08. Boss AC - "Generate Power"
09. Black Company - "Psyca Style"
10. Lideres da Nova Mensagem - "Rap É Uma Potência"
11. Lideres da Nova Mensagem - "Sê Tu Mesmo"
12. Family - "Hip Hop Está No Ar"
13. Family - "Rabola Bô Corpo"
14. New Tribe - "Summer Season"

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Live At The Bassline

Tumi & the Volume (2004) Live At The Bassline

As requested, the Tumi & The Volume debut album that was recorded live at the Bassline in Melville, Johannesburg. Popular singles from the album include 76, People of the Light, and The Story Behind the Paint and is considered one of the biggest debuts of South African Hip Hop in recent years. It gained notorious praise for its fearless combination of poetry and live music. Amazing.

1. Yvonne
2. People, People
3. My Posters
4. Celebration
5. The Story Behind the Paint
6. Never Deny You
7. 76 f/Pebbles
8. Four f/Marcus Wyatt
9. What You Got For Me?
10. She Spirit Fancies
11. Welcome
12. Chameleon
13. People of the Light f/Pebbles

And check out the first track that I heard from Tumi: Tumi & Sifiso Sudan - Once Upon a Time in Africa, and their Official Website for some info and cool wallpapers.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

NY To The UK

Percee P ft. Tim Dog & Diversion Tactics - 2005 - Percekusion bw/ NY to the UK 12"
I don’t usually post singles, but I was looking for the Side B track for so long that when I finally found it I thought it would be selfish to keep it just for myself.
For the ones that don't know this artists: Tim Dog (mostly known for his "Fuck Compton diss back in the early 90's) and Percee P (some people may remember his name from J5's "A Day at the Races") are two rap vets who have been around for such a long time and never the recognition that they deserved, I don't know nothing about the British Diversion Tactics, but I they did a good job on the production, as well as in the mic.
Just read the Review.

Side 1

1. "Percekusion"
2. "Percekusion" (instrumental)
3. "Percekusion" (radio)

Side 2

1. "NY To The UK" (feat Tim Dog & Diversion Tactics)
2. "NY To The UK" (instrumental)
3. "NY To The UK" (radio - feat Tim Dog & Diversion Tactics)

Monday, September 25, 2006

Fort Apache

Camp Lo - Fort Apache (The Mixtape Album)

The group who put out the classic album "Uptown Saturday Night" ten years ago is back with a new mixtape full of new material, it has a little more than 30 minutes long, but what it misses in time, it got in quality.
Make sure you check out their new album, when it comes out.
Props to Crooklyn and Travis for finding this album.

1. Suga Willie Intro
2. 82 Afros
3. Lo Lean
4. Digi Know
5. Suga Willie's Revenge
6. Zoom
7. 52
8. Gimmie Dat
9. Flawless (skit)
10. Suga Lo's Serenade
11. Suga Lo's Luv
12. I Couldn't Careless?
13. Ganja Lounge
14. Stone & Roberts
15. Good Green
16. Material
17. Bed Rock

Friday, September 22, 2006

Tumi & The Volume

Tumi & The Volume (2006) Tumi & The Volume

Tumi and the Volume is a popular and innovative musical act from South Africa, known for combining Jazz and Hip Hop with complex and highly politicized lyrics. Inspired by the sound of groups like The Roots or ATCQ, the group has quickly become one of South Africa’s most eclectic music acts. In just over a year the group has managed to create a distinct musical accent that includes blends of samba, reggae and poetry that speaks to the unique reality of the South African experience. Definitely one of the best albums that I’ve heard this year, if you’re a Jazz-Rap or The Roots fan you won’t be disappointed, a must have.

1. "Ellof – 17:45"
2. "Floor"
3. "Bus Stop Confessions"
4. "Johnny Dyani"
5. "What It's All About"
6. "Smile, you on camera" (featuring Ft. Fifi)
7. "Afrique"
8. "The Story Behind the Pain"
9. "Signs"
10. "Oslo"
11. "Basement"
12. "Ladies and Gentlemen"
13. "Learning"
14. "In a Minute" (featuring Ft. Fifi)
15. "Bergman's Theory"
16. "Sticks and Stones"
17. "These Women"

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Spank Rock

Spank Rock (2006) YoYoYoYoYo

One of the best surprises of 2006, Spank Rock appear to revel in contradictions, reflecting the party rap atmosphere of Baltimore's club scene, and arrived as one of the best things to happen to both underground hip-hop and dirty rap, a pair of styles that rarely intermingle.. Rapper Naeem Juwan and production phenom XXXChange are an American group who record for the British flag-waving label Big Dada (Roots Manuva), their tracks accept the limitations of old-school rap and bass music, but boast an agility that makes them sound positively post-millennial. Juwan may sound like Q-Tip, but he's one of the brightest young American talents of the mid-2000s, using his voice in delightful ways. Meanwhile, on the production, XXXChange concocts a series of deep bass hits, digital claps, and the occasional cougar scream to recall the type of stark, echoing productions and drum programming rarely heard since the mid-'80s. It's all performed so perfectly, and informed so well by Juwan's lyrical finesse, that the vintage feel never seems like a crutch. Best of all is "Bump," where first Juwan takes a few minutes for a speed rap, then guest Amanda Blank enters halfway through, initially giving one of her stiffest Roxanne Shanté impressions but, in a heartbeat, shifting into a higher gear blowing away the competition.

1. Backyard Betty
2. What It Look Like
3. IMC
4. Rick Rubin
5. Touch Me feat. Typical Cats
6. Bump feat. Amanda Blank
7. Sweet Talk feat. Typical Cats
8. Chilly Will
9. Top Billin' From Far Left
10. Coke & Wet
11. Competition
12. Screwville, U.S.A.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Live At The Renaissance

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Q-Tip (2006) Live At The Renaissance

Q-Tip, member of the famous A Tribe Called Quest, must be one of the more wasted talents on the industry… I mean, just look at his solo discography:

1999: Amplified
2002: Kamaal the Abstract (Shelved)
2005: Open (Shelved)
2006: Live At The Renaissance (To be Released/Shelved)

He made 4 albums and only one was released, now tell me that the industry doesn’t suck...

This isn’t his best work to date, but It’s pretty good, check it ou.

01 Johnny died
02 Fever
03 That's sexy (feat. Andre 3000)
04 Say something for me
05 Black boy
06 Passes you by
07 Official
08 Lisa
09 I’m not gone have it
10 Feelings
11 Where do you go
12 I believe (feat. D'Angelo)
13 Compute
14 A million times
15 Untitled

Sunday, September 17, 2006

The Impossible Mission

De La Soul (2006) The Impossible Mission Mixtape

De La Soul is back with a new mixtape full of exclusive material, which has been out for a few months and I rarely heard people mentioning it... I guess most of people are too busy listening to Rick Ross to check the old De La Soul, but anyways, this is a great mixtape/album, one of the best releases that I heard this year, if you’re a De La fan, then you know that you have to listen to this.

1. Impossible Intro
2. Live @ The Dugout ’87
3. Voodoo Circus
4. Friends
5. What The F**k #1
6. Go Out And Get It
7. Beef
8. Reverse Ya Seps
9. You Got It feat. Butta Verses
10. What The F**k #2
11. Just Havin’ A Ball
12. What If
13. Relax !!
14. Wasn’t For You
15. Freestyle [Dat S**t] 2006
16. What The F**k #3
17. Freedom Train
18. Bonus Track

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Jazzmatazz vol.3

Guru (2000) Jazzmatazz Volume III: Streetsoul

The third entry in the Jazzmatazz series from Guru of Gangstarr fame. As the title seems to suggest, this volume featured a blend of Soul with R&B. As with previous releases, a host of guest performers were featured on this recording. Most of the artists are stalwarts of the neo soul and R&B scene. First-time appearances in the series were made by several contemporary acts, including Amel Larrieux, Angie Stone, Bilal, Craig David, Donell Jones, Erykah Badu, and The Roots. Veterans featured on this release include Herbie Hancock and Isaac Hayes. Not as good as the previous ones, but pretty decent.

1. "Intro"
2. "Keep Your Worries" (feat. Angie Stone)
3. "Hustlin' Daze" (feat. Donell Jones)
4. "All I Said" (feat. Macy Gray and Pharrell Williams)
5. "Certified" (feat. Bilal and Jay Dee)
6. "Plenty" (feat. Erykah Badu)
7. "Lift Your Fist" (feat. The Roots)
8. "Guidance" (feat. Amel Larrieux)
9. "Interlude" (Brooklyn Skit)"
10. "Supa Love" (feat. Kelis)
11. "No More" (feat. Craig David)
12. "Where's My Ladies?" (feat. Big Shug)
13. "Night Vision" (feat. Isaac Hayes)
14. "Who's There?" (feat. Les Nubians)
15. "Mashin' up da World" (feat. Prodigal Son and Junior Reid)
16. "Timeless" (feat. Herbie Hancock)

Jazzmatazz vol.4 is going to be released next year, so keep your ears open.

Sorry, I uploaded the vol.2 by mistake, I'll upload the real one, sorry to all who downloaded the wrong version.


Friday, September 15, 2006

The Rugged Man

When I heard R.A. The Rugged Man, 2004 debut, I thought that he was a weird mc (just look at the picture, he looks like a retard), he’s disgusting but he's dope at the same time, and I got to say that his album was surprising, and one of the best of 2004, but while listening to his stories and lines like “it used to be my name only equal bad news”, and reading that he got dropped from a ton o record labels and was fucked by the industry for 10 years, I was kinda confuse about how a dope MC like Rugged Man could have such a bad reputation…
I made a little research and I found out that his real debut album was released back in 94 called “Night of the Bloody Apes”, under the name of “Crustified Dibbs”, and I made one of my life’s objectives find that album, to post it here.
When I finally found that rarity (wich I was imagining it as a lost and forgotten masterpiece) I was mad excited, damn, it even had a Biggie featuring , until I listened to it… a few minutes after start listening to the album, I realized that it sucked so bad that I couldn’t believe that it was from the same guy who dropped “Die Rugged Die”, I mean, It wasn’t just garbage, It was what garbage wants to be when it grows up, It was the definition of “trash-made-by-a-whack- rapper-that-should-get-shot-in-the-mouth-for-making-it”, If I had a label, I wouldn’t let him record an album, dammit, I wouldn't even let him enter the building… The Album wasn’t even worth uploading. But if you want to check it anyway, here’s the link from where I downloaded.

I don’t know what he did, but right now he’s one of my favorite underground rapper, he made a guest appearance on a new Jedi Mind Tricks track, and he completely owned the album, it’s one of the best tracks of the year, no joke. Link for the JMT track.

And since I didn’t up his album because of the high level of whackness, I upped a bootleg called “Even Dwarves Started Small”, a compilation of Rugged Man’s guest appearances and miscellaneous tracks, some of them are from Soundbombing Compilations (no trash, this is the good Rugeed Man), I didn’t found any tracklist to copy and I’m too lazy to copy and paste all the names.. so let’s just say that the guestlist includes: Havoc, Mr. Eon, Smut Peddlers, Channel Live, Agallah, Craig G, Black Market Militia, J-Live, Sadat X, Akineyle, Notorious B.I.G. and as bonus, I included a track with Godfather Don and Prince Po called “Tha Hardway” and the JMT track.
Have fun.

And I'm requesting some songs from him that I couldn't find, if you got any of them, please, it me up.:

1993 “FOR MY NIGGAS” feat. Notorious B.I.G., Akineyl
1996 “WHO’S DAT GUY” feat. Mobb Deep
1998 “PIECE OF SHIT” feat. Tragedy Khadafi
2001 “SEPTEMBER RAP” (prod. by DJ Quik)
2004 “UNDERGROUND” (from Tony Hawks Underground)
2004 “RING KINGS” feat. Hostyle

Do you like R.A. The Rugged Man? you don't? Hit me up

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Food & Liquor

Lupe Fiasco (2006) Food & Liquor

Packing perhaps the biggest underground buzz of the year, Chicago's Lupe Fiasco drops his major label debut on Atlantic Records. Making waves earlier this year with the skate-park anthem, "Kick Push", and following up with a pair of equally dope singles - "I Gotcha" (prod. Pharrell) and "Daydreamin" (feat. Jill Scott), not to mention an album executive produced by Jay-Z, and co-signed by Kanye West and Mike Shinoda (Fort Minor), Lupe Fiasco is the next big thing to come out of the backpack scene.
One of the best mainstream releases of 06, right up there with The Roots.

1. Intro
2. Real Featuring Sarah Green
3. Just Might Be OK Featuring Gemini
4. Kick, Push
5. I Gotcha
6. Instrumental Featuring Jonah Matranga
7. He Say She Say Featuring Gemini and Sarah Green
8. Sunshine
9. Daydreamin' Featuring Jill Scott
10. Cool
11. Hurt Me Sou
l12. Pressure Featuring Jay-Z
13. American Terrorist Featuring Matthew Santos
14. Emperor's Soundtrack
15. Kick, Push II
16. Outro

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Since The Last Time

Arrested Development (2006) Since The Last Time

Here's some brand new music for y'all. Arrested Development was a progressive rap collective fusing soul, blues, hip-hop, and Sly and the Family Stone-influenced funk with political, socially conscious lyrics, that disbanded back in ’96… but guess what? They’re back with a new album full of that alternative Hip-Hop sound that everyone loves. A great comeback album from this rap vets.

01 - Since The Last Time
02 - Miracles
03 - Heaven
04 - Sau Paulo
05 - Sunshine
06 - Strand
07 - It's Time
08 - Inner City
09 - I Know I'm Bad
10 - I Got The Feeling
11 - Down & Dirty
12 - Renee
13 - Caught Me
14 - Nobody Believes Me

R.I.P. Tupac Shakur

Ten Years ago from today, Tupac Shakur died on the hospital from respiratory failure and cardiac arrest, after being shot 6 days before.
Day 4 - Nas - Will We Survive? (2nd verse)
Rest in Peace Tupac.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Fear of a Mixed Planet

Shock G [2004] Fear of a Mixed Planet

Shock G from Digital Underground drops solo debut in 2004, Fear of a Mixed Planet's multiple subjects and generally airier sound show how curious Shock-G has remained since Digital Underground's hiatus, he explores his mellow, even serious side. But he's also maintained his signature sense of humor, as the re-emergence of his Humpty Hump alter ego on the album's gently psychedelic finale proves.
Not a perfect album, but it’s still pretty good, too bad that we aren’t going to ear another album from Shock G, since he has retired from rap last year.

1. Keep It Beautiful feat. Keith Porter
2. Cherry Flava'd E-Mail feat. Clev MC, Fifth Element, Ant D.O.G., Delina Dream
3. Weesom Hustlas feat. Money-B, Humpty Hump
4. Cinnamon Waves feat. DJ Q-Bert, Ray Luv, Delina Dream
5. Holmedown Up feat. Yukmouth, Java, Clev MC, Fifth Element
6. Let's Go feat. Travel, DJ D Sharp
7. My Opinion feat. Numskull
8. Who's Clean
9. Fear Of A Mixed Planet
10. Gotchoo
11. The Rime In The Mochanut
12. Perfect Life feat. Element
13. We're All Killaz
14. Baby You Okay?
15. Sunshine Rime feat. Mo, Delina Dream
16. Clev MC
17. Your Sun Iza Pimp feat. Humpty Hump, K-Lien

Things have been slow around here, so some comments would be appreciated.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Pre-Historik Rarities

Jurassic 5 (2003) Pre-Historik Rarities

A Compilation of J5 tracks that aren’t included on their albums, includes early work like “Unified Rebelution” (the first track that they recorded together), the guestlist includes big names such as: Tech N9ne, Dilated Peoples, Quannum MC's, Pharcyde, Self Scientific, Black Eyed Peas, Roots Manuva, Ozomatli and others.

1: Unified Rebelution
2: Verbal Gunfight
3: Soul Searching (remix) (feat. Tech N9ne)
4: Evolve or Dissolve (feat. Jizzm, Slant & J Smooth)
5: Vocal Artillary (feat. Ozomatli, Kenetic Source, Dilated Peoples & DJ KidWik)
6: Concentration (feat. Quannum MC's)
7: Join the Dots (feat. Roots Manuva)
8: Life Goes Onn (feat. Long Beach Dub All-Stars, Half Pint & Tippa Irie)
9: Untitled Track Side B (Buck Santa)
10: Ghetto Diplomat
11: Worlds (feat. Texta Tariq & Click Tha Supah Latin)
12: Get Original (feat. Black Eyed Peas)
13: Its All About the Hip Hop (feat. DJ Yutaka)
14: Untitled Track Side C
15: Unibomb (feat. Self Scientific)
16: Hard Times (feat. the Pharcyde)
17: Long Road to Glory
18: The Bread Winner
19: Jaw Jabbin (feat. Click Tha Supah Latin)

Part 1:

Part 2:

UPDATE 14/7/07: Re-upped

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Masters of The Universe

Binary Star (2000) Masters of The Universe

Binary Star is an underground duo based out of Pontiac, MI. In ’99 they released their debut album, Water World. After changing to Subterraneous Records, they re-released Water World in November of 2000, by remixing the whole album and renaming it Masters of the Universe, the result was a masterpiece that has everything a great hip-hop album requires, with varied beats, differing rhyme deliveries, and content you'll find yourself thinking about long after it's been said. With quotes like this:

"Rap's got 'em brainwashed with cash that don't last
And five minutes of fame, that's when it's a shame
Seein' real MCs try to imitate rappers
If you ask me, they goin' out ass-backwards
Tradin' in respect just to push a phat Lex
Puffy rhymin' on the remix, what's next?!"


"A whack emcee is something I could never be
That's like growing dreadlocks while you taking chemotherapy"

It's easy to see why this is a refreshing alternative from the mainstream of rap. A True Underground Classic.
The Album features: Decompoze, DJ Phrikshun, DJ Upperkut, Elzhi, J.U.ICE, AML, O Type Star, Lacks and Brenda Jae.

1. Reality Check
2. Conquistadors
3. Solar Powered Intro
4. Solar Powered
5. Slang Blade Intro
6. Slang Blade
7. Binary Shuffle Intro
8. Binary Shuffle
9. Fellowship
10. New Hip Hop
11. Masters of the Universe
12. Indy 500
13. Evolution of Man
14. I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings (part 1)
15. I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings (part 2)
16. Honest Expression
17. Honest Expression Outro
18. Glen Close
19. Wolf Man Jack Intro
20. Wolf Man Jack
21. One Man Army
22. KGB Intro
23. KGB
24. Album Outro


Thursday, September 07, 2006

"Just keep on doin' tha Humpty Hump..."

No Nose Job - The Legend of Digital Underground

While hip-hop was consumed by the hardcore, political rap of Public Enemy and the gangsta rap of N.W.A., Digital Underground sneaked out of Oakland with their bizarre, funky homage to Parliament-Funkadelic. They had a weird sense of style and humor, highlighted by Shock-G's outrageous costumes and the whole band's parade of alter egos including the famous Humpty Hump — a ridiculous comical figure with a plastic nose and glasses and a goofy, stuttering voice. Over the course of their career, Digital Underground have featured a numerous members (including 2Pac), but throughout it all, Shock-G has remained at their core, developing the band's sound and style, which they had from the outset,This compilation includes classics like the famous “The Humpty Dance”, “Doowutchyali”, “Same Song” or “Wussup With The Love”, a must have.

1. The Humpty Dance
2. Freaks Of The Industry
3. Doowutchyalike
4. Same Song
5. The Way We Swing
6. Packet Man
7. Dope-A-Delic (Do-U-B-Leeve-In-D-Flo)
8. No Nose Job
9. Kiss You Back
10. The Return Of The Crazy One
11. Wussup With The Love
12. Carry The Way (Along Time)
13. Flowin' On The D Line
14. Doo Woo You

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


US3 (2006) Schizophonic

Us3 return with their 5th album Schizophonic on their own label and continue to meld the best elements of hip-hop and jazz better than the majority of their contempories.
The two styles have always fused well due to the free flowing nature of both genres, that said it can still be done badly if it’s not in the right hands. Geoff Wilkinson is at the helm though to produce and mix this album and he draws in all elements expertly as live musicians and laid down hip-hop beats blend effortlessly around the various vocalists on Schizophonic.

01. That's How We Do It
02. Kick This
03. Was It Love?
04. Huff & Puff
05. What's Goin' On In The World Today
06. Much 2 Much
07. Girls Like U
08. If Only
09. Don't Even Ask
10. Jobsworth
11. Get Busy
12. K.I.S.S.Y.O.U.
13. 1-2-3-4U
14. Round The Globe

Monday, September 04, 2006

More Jazzmatazz

Guru (1995) Jazzmatazz Volume II The New Reality

This album might not have quite as much jazz-rap power as the first volume did, but it's still quite good. Some big names of jazz found their way into the album, including Branford Marsalis, Freddie Hubbard, Ramsey Lewis, and Kenny Garrett. Kool Keith also makes an appearance. Dancehall reggae princess Patra is included on a track, as are Chaka Khan and Me'Shell N'Degeocello; Jamiroquai helps out in another. For someone interested in jazz-rap in general, the first album is a higher priority, but this album is still high on the list.

1. Intro (Light It Up) / Jazzalude I / New Reality Style
2. Lifesaver (feat. Baybe)
3. Living In This World (feat. Sweet Sable & J. Rodriguez)
4. Looking Through Darkness (feat. Mica Paris)
5. Skit A (Interview) / Watch What You Say (feat. Chaka Khan & Wynton Marsalis)
6. Jazzalude II / Defining Purpose
7. For You (feat. Me'Shell NdegeOcello & Kenny Garrett)
8. Insert A (Mental Relaxation) / Medicine (feat. Shara Nelson & Jan Kincaid)
9. Lost Souls (feat. Jamiroquai)
10. Insert B (The Real Deal) / Nobody Knows
11. Jazzalude III / Hip Hop As A Way Of Life
12. Respect The Architect (feat. Ramsey Lewis, Bahamadia & Brian Holt)
13. Feel The Music (feat. Baybe & Paul Ferguson)
14. Young Ladies (feat. Patra, Reuben Wilson, Big Shug, Kool Keith & Kenny Garrett)
15. The Traveler (feat. Donald Byrd)
16. Jazzalude IV / Maintaining Focus
17. Count Your Blessings (feat. Bernard Purdie & Brian Holt)
18. Choice Of Weapons (feat. Dee C Lee, Gus Da Vigilante & Courtney Pine)
19. Something In The Past (feat. Freddie Hubbard)
20. Skit B (Alot On My Mind) / Revelation (feat. Ronny Jordan & Bu)

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Hidden Treasures

Last Emperor (2005) Hidden Treasures

Last Emperor was going to be a protégé of Dr. Dre, like Eminem or Snoop, but something went wrong and like Rakim, he and Dre went in separate ways.
He has opened shows for Redman, EPMD, Das EFX and K-Solo, Common, The Roots, and he has colaborated with artists like KRS-One, Chuck D, Pharoahe Monch and others.
With this Album/Mixtape, Last Emperor proves that he’s one of the best and most underrated MC’s around, the guestlist includes: Saigon, M-1 (of Dead Prez), RZA, Prince Paul, Paul Yamz & Sat One, Dave (of De la Soul) & Masta Ace.

1. Intro
2. 2012 (new)
3. Words From Capt Jack (skit)
4. Schoolrhyme Krush (new)
5. Monolith
6. Suzie Wong
7. Mystery Man
8. Meditations
9. Some Love, Some Hate (Remix) - feat Saigon
10. - feat M-1 (of Dead Prez)
11. Emperor Of Rhyme Spellbound (new)
12. Huslers Theme
13. He’s Alive - feat RZA
14. Echo Leader (3 verse Mix)
15. The Banger skit - feat Prince Paul
16. Awh Yeah
17. Blackboard Jungle (new)
18. Kermit On The Check In (skit)
19. Soul Instrument (new)
20. Heaven
21. Heaven (Remix)
22. Fo’ Real
23. Dozens
24. CIA Verse
25. Afta Midnight - feat Paul Yamz & Sat One
26. Drifter
27. Do U Remember
28. Clear Day - feat Dave (of De la Soul) & Masta Ace
29. Homage To the Natives
30. Black Apache ! (new)
31. Outro

UPDATE 10/8/07: Re-upped

Friday, September 01, 2006


Guru (1993) Jazzmatazz Volume 1

The mighty Guru from Gangstarr (one of the most underated mc's in my opinion) dropped an album that revolutionized jazz rap, and is usually considered the first full-fledged fusion of jazz and hip hop. Instead of just using jazz samples, Guru got a Jazz band that includes Lonnie Liston Smith, Branford Marsalis, Ronny Jordan, Donald Byrd and Roy Ayers. The album also features collaborations with N'Dea Davenport (of the Brand New Heavies) and French rapper MC Solaar.
A masterpiece.

"Loungin'" (with Donald Byrd on trumpet and piano)
"When You're Near" (with N'Dea Davenport on vocals and Simon Law on keyboards)
"Transit Ride" (with Branford Marsalis on alto and soprano saxophone and Zachary Breaux on guitar)
"No Time to Play" (with Ronny Jordan on guitar and D. C. Lee on vocals)
"Down to the Backstreets" (with Lonnie Liston Smith on acoustic and electric piano)
"Respectful Dedications"
"Take a Look (At Yourself)" (with Roy Ayers on vibraphone) -
"Trust Me" (with N'Dea Davenport on vocals)
"Slicker Than Most" (with Gary Barnacle on saxophone and flute)
"Le Bien, Le Mal" (with MC Solaar)
"Sights in the City" (with Courtney Pine on alto and soprano sax and flute, Carleen Anderson on vocals and Simon Law on keyboards)