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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Portuguese Rap #2 – LDNM

Today I'm bringing another portuguese classic group, Líderes da Nova Mensagem, that also made their debut on Rapública, but disbanded after their first album, and I found even less information about them than from Black Company, I only know that Líderes da Nova Mensagem were:

Pio (MC)
Newton (MC)
Beat Box King (MC)
DJ Jawasp (DJ)

The good news is that I've found the most important, their one and only album, they have a more old school vibe than BC, enjoy:

Líderes da Nova Mensagem (1997) Kom-Tratake
01. Yntrodução
02. Líderes da Nova Mensagem
03. Kom-Tratake
04. Sttop
05. Passamumicrofone
06. Cuidado! A Mentira!
07. O Que Lá Vai Lá Vai E O Que Virá Virá (com Vania, Samuel e Pacas)
08. Pausa
09. Ponham As Mãos No Céu (com Vania, Samuel e Pacas)
10. Diálogo do Vinil
11. Estilo Livre 1 (com D-Mars, Double V e Sanryse)
12. Lembra-me Quando Lá Estive...
13. Levanta-te
14. Sarilhos
15. Mensageiros do Massacre (voz off de José Mariño)
16. Separa-nos a Neblina
17. O Puto do Bairro
18. Estilo Livre 2 (com Melo D, Black Bird e G Pump)
19. Eis O Nosso Show

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

They're BACK!!!

X-Clan [2007] Return From Mecca
After the death of hip-hop cultural leader Professor X in March 2006, hip-hop activists X-Clan return to the spotlight with a new album. The group's first disc since 1992.
Led by founding member Brother J, X-Clan are looking to recover some of the critical acclaim they garnered more than a decade ago with their first two releases, To the East Blackwards and Xodus.
Some big name collaborators lent X-Clan a hand on the new disc, including Jurassic 5's Chali 2na, KRS-One, RBX, Abstract Rude, YZ and Damian "Junior Gong" Marley.

1. Intro
2. Aragorn
3. Voodoo ft. RBX & Quazedelic
4. Hovercraft
5. Why You Doin That
6. Weapon X
7. Speak The Truth ft. KRS-One
8. Positrons
9. Mecca ft. Jah Orah
10. Prison ft. Christian Scott
11. Atonement ft. Jah Orah
12. Brother Brother
13. Funky 4 U ft. Chali 2NA
14. Self Destruct
15. Space People ft. Quazedelic
16. Trump Card ft. Hannah B
17. To The East ft. YZ & Abstract Rude
18. Locomotion ft. Brad-X and Tri-State
19. Americans ft. Jacoby Shaddix of Papa Roach
20. 3rd Eye ft. Tri State
21. Culture United ft. Damian Marley
22. Untitled (bonus track)

RZA [2007] Presents... Afro Samurai (The Soundtrack)-
There's no need for introduction, everyone knows RZA, and who better than him to make a soundtrack to the bad ass Afro Samurai animation series? Expect the usual dope beats and Kung Fu samples, plus some Samuel L. Jackson ones from the show. Great guests, an amazing soundtrack.
01. Afro Theme
02. Afro Intro (Inst.)
03. Certified Samurai (Feat. Talib Kweli, Lil Free & Suga Bang)
04. Just A Lil Dude "who Dat Ovah There" (Feat. Q-Tip & Free Murder)
05. Afro's Father Fight (Inst.)
06. Oh (Stone Mecca)
07. The Walk (Stone Mecca)
08. Bazooka Fight (Inst. 1)
09. Who Is Tha Man (Feat. The Reverend William Burk)
10. Ninjaman (Inst.)
11. Cameo Afro (Feat. Big Daddy Kane, Gza & Suga Bang)
12. Tears Of A Samurai (Inst.)
13. Take Sword Pt. 1 (Feat. Beretta 9)
14. The Empty 7 Theme (Inst.)
15. Baby (Feat. Maurice)
16. Take Sword Pt. 2 (Feat. 60 Seconds & True Master)
17. Bazooka Fight 2 (Inst. 2)
18. Fury In My Eyes/revenge (Feat. Thea)
19. Afro Samurai Theme (First Movement) (Inst.)
20. Afro Samurai Theme (Second Movement) (Inst.)
21. Insomnia (Feat. Jay Love) (Bonus Track)
22. So Fly (Feat. Division) (Bonus Track)
23. We All We Got (Feat. Black Knights) (Bonus Track)
24. Glorious Day (Feat. Dexter Wiggles) (Bonus Track)
25. Series Outro (Inst.)

I was going to upload the new Sean P. album too, but today my internet connection sucks...

Monday, January 22, 2007


Pete Philly & Perquisite [2007] Remindstate

After the release of the incredible Mindstate album, the Dutch group is back with Remindstate, a totally remixed version of their critically acclaimed debut. Remindstate contains all 16 tracks of the debut album remixed by Pete & Perq's favorite beat creators and groups from all over the world, such as Seiji (Bugz in the Attic, UK), DJ Mitsu the Beats (Japan), Laidback Luke (NL), Nicolay (Foreign Exchange, NL/USA), Morgan Spacek (Spacek, UK) and the New Generation Big Band (NL) and many others. Don't sleep on this, even Talib Kweli (who also guested on Mindstate) declared that Pete Philly & Perquisite are musically light years ahead of the game.

1. Intro (Perquisite Remix)
2. Relieved (New Generation Big Band Remix)
3. Insomnia (Laagman Remix)
4. Motivated (Crackman Remix)
5. Eager (Perquisite Remix)
6. Lazy (Collective Efforts Remix)
7. Respect (C-Mon & Kypski Remix)
8. Cocksure (Laidback Luke Remix)
9. Conflicted (Metropole Orchestra Remix)
10. Grateful (Nicolay Remix)
11. Mindstate (Arts the Beatdoctor Remix)
12. Mellow (Morgan Spacek Remix)
13. Paranoid (Darin G Remix)
14. Cheeky (DJ PCM Remix)
15. Hope w/ Talib Kweli (DJ Mitsu Remix)
16. Amazed (Seiji Remix)

Big props to HHB for posting this one.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Ruff Draft

J Dilla [2007] Ruff Draft (Re-Issue)

J Dilla's early masterpiece, Ruff Draft, will be officially re-released with bonus tracks, interludes and instrumentals in March on Stones Throw Records.

01 Intro
02 Let’s Take It Back
03 Reckless Driving
04 Nothing Like This
05 The $
06 Interlude
07 Make’em NV
08 Interlude
09 Crushin’ (Yeeeeaah!)
10 Shouts
11 Intro (Alt) *
12 Wild *
13 Take Notice, feat. Guilty Simpson *
14 Shouts (Alt) *
*previously unreleased

Rest in Peace J. Dilla

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Hip-Hop Is Alive

Statik Selektah and Q-Tip
The Look Of Love (Hip-Hop Is Alive)

I'm not a big fan of this DJ hosted mixtapes, but Statik Selektah has been putting out some dope stuff lately, so here's a fresh mix cd for download.
After killing recent mix CD releases with Nas ("The Prophecy 2") and Termanology ("Hood Politics IV), mixtape master, Statik Selektah returns with "The Look Of Love", a tribute to the late great J. Dilla and to real Hip-Hop, hosted by Q-Tip of A Tribe Called Quest! 25 tracks including exclusives, blends, and remixes.
I'm currently hooked up to some tracks, like Skillz "Hip Hop Died?", Termanology's "This Is Hip Hop" and Busta Rhymes verse on Imagine remix is also dope.

1. "Q-Tip One Love Intro"
2. "I Used to Love H.E.R. (Look of Love Remix) - Common (feat. J. Dilla)"
3. "Act Too... Love of My Life - The Roots (feat. Common)"
4. "What They Do - The Roots"
5. "Hold the Torch - Busta Rhymes (feat. Q-Tip)"
6. "Hold Tight - Slum Village (feat. Q-Tip)"
7. "The Light (Original and Remix) - Common"
8. "Find My Way - A Tribe Called Quest"
9. "The Love - A Tribe Called Quest"
10. "The Love Song - Bush Babees (feat. Mos Def)"
11. "Q-Tip Interlude"
12. "Lovin' It - Little Brother"
13. "Much More - De La Soul"
14. "This Is Hip Hop - Termanology and DC"
15. "The Old School (Showoff Mix) - Biggie and Pac"
16. "Hip Hop Died? - Skillz"
17. "Can We Go Back? - Hi-Tek (feat. Talib Kweli)"
18. "Love of My Life - Erykah Badu and Common"
19. "So Far to Go - J. Dilla (feat. Common and D'Angelo)"
20. "Love Is... - Common"
21. "Two and Two - Talib Kweli"
22. "Imagine - Snoop (feat. Busta Rhymes, Dr. Dre and D'Angelo)"
23. "Music is Life - Hi-Tek (feat. Nas, Common and Marsha)"
24. "Can't Stop This - The Roots"
25. "Only One Can Win - Termanology"

Rapidshare link:
Parts 1 & 2

Sendspace link:

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Natural Selection Vol. 2.0

Nature Sounds - Natural Selection Vol. 2.0

1. Pete Rock feat. Styles P and Sheek Louch "914"
2. Hell Razah "Buried Alive"
3. R.A. The Rugged Man "Super"
4. Mathematics feat. Raekwon "Trees"
5. DJ Babu feat. Little Brother and Joe Scudda "Fan Mail"
6. Psycho Les, Al Tariq and Problems "Chedda"
7. DJ Babu feat. Defari "Truth Be Told"
8. Mathematics feat, U-God, Masta Killa, Buddah Bless and Solomon Childs "King Toast Queen"
9. Masta Killa feat. Inspectah Deck and GZA "Street Corners (MF Doom Remix)"
10. Hell Razah feat. Talib Kweli and MF Doom"Project Jazz"
11. Psycho Les "Bonus Beat"
12. DJ Babu "Bonus Beat"

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Rap Dungeon Selection #05

Rap Dungeon Selection #05
Here's a new pack of tracks that have been flowating aroud on the last weeks, the first track will be on Afro Samurai's soundtrack. Peace out.

01. RZA - Jus A Lil Dude(Who's That) (feat. Q-Tip, Free Murder)
02. Papoose - Fruits Of Labor (Feat. Rell)
03. Skillz - 2006 Rap Up
04. Muro - The Roosevelts feat. Ghostface Killah, Raekwon, Trife Da God
05. Lord Finesse ft. Grand Puba - Real Talk
06. Redman feat. George Clinton - I Ain't Trippin'
07. Sean Price - P Body
08. Canibus - Salute
09. Will.I.Am ft Krs-One - Take it
10. Raekwon feat. Smif N Wessun - I Recall
11. Tech N9ne Feat. Kalibur, Kostic - Killin It
12. Bekay - 2006 Year In Review
13. Royce Da 5'9 - Return of Malcolm (Freestyle)
14. Joe Budden - Unforgiven

Note: I named the file RDS4, but it's actually 5, my bad.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Roadkill Overcoat

Busdriver (2007) Roadkill Overcoat

Brand new album from Busdriver , an alternative hip-hop MC known for his staccato, jazzy, free-association rap and electronic, and the eccentric personality he expresses through it. Don’t expect the typical rap album, but yes a great hip-hop/electronic fusion.

1. Casting Agent And Cowgirls
2. Less Yes's. More No's
3. Kill Your Employer (Recreational Paranoia Is The Sport Of Now)
4. Ethereal Driftwood
5. Secret Skin
6. Sun Showers
7. Go Slow
8. Troglodyte Wins, The
9. Pompous Posies! Your Party's No Fun
10. (Bloody Paw On The) Kill Floor
11. Mr. Mistakes
12. Dream Catcher's Mitt

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Portuguese Rap #1 – Black Company

I’ve been wanting to do this post for quite a while, but laziness always go the best of me, and finding info about the old school groups isn’t easy, and of course there are those classic albums that I also can’t find.

As I said before, Rapública was a Landmark for Portuguese rap, and most of the artists who were featured on that compilation, released solo albums, a lot are nowadays forgotten by most of people. I’ll post some of my favorites:

Coming from Miratejo, Black Company released the first big hit on the Portuguese Hip-Hop scene, and the first video, “Nadar” from Rapública.

Black Company were:

KJB(DJ) (who was replaced by DJ Soon)

They released an album in 1995 called “Geração Rasca”, but unfortunately, the rip of the album that I own is protected with a wma licence, and the quality is pretty shitty, so I can’t find a way to convert it. “Filhos da Rua” is definitely on of my favorites, it has good beats, story-telling songs (“Tony” in particular, the story of a psychopath), party songs, deep songs, great scratches and the “Skills” skits, that contain freestyle battles. Classic.

Black Company (1998) Filhos da Rua

01.Intro (Depois da Tempestade, o Flavor)
04.Skills DJ (There Is No Competition)
05.Chico Dread
07.Julieta & Romeu
08.Skills 1
09.Inveja (Interlúdio Gutto)
11.Skills 2
12.Império da Calçada
13.Meu People (Interlúdio Bambino)
14.Anjo Vingador
16.+ Principalmente (Interlúdio Makkas)
17.Genuíno (com Boss AC)
18.Skills DJ (There Is No Competition)
20.Skills 3

I have some Requests for my portuguese fellas, if anyone has any of this albums from back in the day, please rip it for me, so I can share it with everyone,

Black Company - Geração Rasca
General D – Kanimambo
Djamal - Abram Espaço

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Talib Kweli and Madlib

Talib Kweli and Madlib (2007) Liberation

Brand new free EP/Mixtape from Talib Kweli, look out for "Eardrum" this month (I think).

Update: The Kweli's myspace link is off, here's a new one: