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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Fish Outta Water

Chali 2na [2009] Fish Outta Water

When I first started this blog, my first post was a Jurassic 5 album, which is a group that I always liked but have recently broke up. And since 2005 I think, that 2na has been saying that he would release a solo album. The album has arrived, and the real question is: is Chali 2na able to hold an album of his own? Give me your opinion's, but mine is yes.

1. Get Focused
2. International f. Beenie Man
3. So Crazy
4. Lock Shit Down f. Talib Kweli
5. Don’t Stop f. Anthony Hamilton
6. Keep Going f. Choklate
7. Comin’ Thru
8. F.O.W.
9. Love’s Gonna Getcha
10. Righteous Way
11. When Will I See You Again f. Elzhi
12. Guns Up f. Damian Marley & Stephen Marley
13. Graff Time
14. Controlled Coincidence f. Kanetic Substance
15. 4 Be Be f. Ming Xia

Dear Blogger & DMCA

I'd appreciate if you stop deleting my posts.

Please fuck off


Edit: oh.. they also deleted my common collection, nice one blogger...

Sunday, June 14, 2009

State Of The Art

(becausa bad-ass album covers like this is what Hip-Hop is missing)

Hilltop Hoods [2009] State Of The Art

And they did it again! Autrialian group Hilltop Hoods releases another potential album of the year. Veteran MCs Suffa and Pressure & DJ Debris. The beats are good as usual and the chemistry between the group is always present. If you've heard any of the group's previous albums you know what to expect.. if you haven't then prepare to be suprised.

01. The Return
02. Super Official
03. Chase That Feeling
04. She’s So Ugly
05. Still Standing
06. Classic Example Feat. Pharoahe Monch
07. Chris Farley
08. The Light You Burned Feat. Trials
09. Parade Of The Dead
10. Last Confession
11. Hillatoppa
12. Fifty In Five
13. State Of The Art (Bonus Track)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The [Abstract] Best

J.Period Presents... Q-Tip [2009] The [Abstract] Best

J.Period always releases great mixtapes: from Lauryn Hill to The Roots, I've always been a fan of his work. This time is no exception, this mixtape his a great journey through Tip's career and features classic tracks, rare tracks, remixes and even covers by artists like De La Soul, Consequence and Kid Cudi.

1. J.Period f. Prince Paul, Questlove & Randy Watson– Rhythm (Scratch Intro)
2. Cannonball Adderly / Excursions Intro
3. J.Period f. De La Soul – Excursions (Tribute Remix)
4. Aquarius Interlude #1: Welcome
5. Q-Tip f. Busta Rhymes – Getting Up (DJ Scratch Remix) (The Renaissance)
6. Behind the Scenes: Ghetto Origins [Produced by J.Period]
7. What the Fuss f. Stevie Wonder (Shook Remix)
8. Queens Represent (Interlude)
9. Mobb Deep f. Nas & Q-Tip – Give Up the Goods (J.Period Remix) [Produced by Q-Tip]
10. Apache – Gangsta Bitch [Produced by Q-Tip]
11. ATCQ – If the Papes Come (Intro)
12. ATCQ – Check the Rhime
13. Behind the Scenes: Don’t Walk Away (Interlude)
14. ATCQ –Award Tour
15. Behind the Scenes: Award Tour (Interlude)
16. Hot Butter (Interlude)
17. J.Period f. Dres - Jazz Pt. 2 (Tribute Remix)
18. Behind the Scenes: We Got the Jazz (Interlude)
19. J.Period f. Blu– Jazz (Tribute Remix)
20. Skypager: Bob Power & Big Daddy Kane (Interlude)
21. Q-Tip f. Jay Dilla – Let’s Ride
22. Behind the Scenes: Bob Power You There? (Interlude)
23. Q-Tip – Vivrant Thing (Remix)
24. Q-Tip – Move (The Renaissance)
25. Q-Tip – Breathe & Stop (J.Period Remix)
26. Respect to Phife Dawg (Interlude)
27. J.Period f. Consequence & Kid Cudi – Buggin Out (Tribute Remix)
28. ATCQ Consists Of…
29. Behind the Scenes: The Native Tongues (Interlude)
30. De La Soul f. Jungle Brothers, Q-Tip, Monie Love & Queen Latifah – Buddy (Remix)
31. Respect to Ali Shaheed Muhammed (Interlude)
32. Q-Tip f. Busta Rhymes – N.T.
33. A Message From Talib Kweli
34. J.Period f. Questlove, Talib Kweli & Randy Watson – Youthful (Tribute Remix)
35. Q-Tip f. Amanda Diva – ManWomanBoogie (The Renaissance)
36. Chris Rock: Men vs. Women (Interlude)
37. De La Soul f. Q-Tip – Saturdays
38. De La Soul f. Q-Tip & Phife – Saturdays (Remix)
39. Q-Tip – She Likes to Move (J.Period Remix)
40. Dee-Lite f. Q-Tip – Groove Is in the Heart
41. Beastie Boys f. Q-Tip – Get it Together
42. Behind the Scenes: What Is Kapelka? (Interlude)
43. J.Period f. Skillz, Questlove & Randy Watson – What? (Tribute Remix)
44. Behind the Scenes: Busta Rhymes / Scenario (Interlude)
45. Busta Rhymes – Scenario (Unreleased Demo Tape)
46. Behind the Scenes: Hood R.I.P. (Interlude)
47. Hood – Scenario (Remix)
48. Aquarius Outtro
49. Behind the Scenes (Bonus): Reinvention (Kamaal the Abstract – A Million Times)

Monday, June 01, 2009

Changes of Atmosphere

Dela [2008] Changes of Atmosphere

If the Jazz Liberatorz album really didn't do it for you, this will, and if you haven't heard the french producer Dela prepare yourself for a smooth jazzy hip-hop album with an incredible guestlist. One of 2008's finest albums.

1. Changes of Atmosphere (Intro) (feat. Liza Garza)
2. I Say Peace (feat. J-Live)
3. Live the Life (feat. J. Sands)
4. The City (feat. J-Live & Surreal)
5. Won't Do (feat. Miles Bonny)
6. Stress (feat. Queens Connex & Termanology)
7. Long Life (feat. Talib Kweli)
8. Veuillez veiller sur vos reves (feat. Les Nubians & John Banzai)
9. Vibrate (feat. Blu)
10. How to Fish (feat. Reach)
11. The Plan (feat. Dynas)
12. It Is What It Is (feat. Naledge)
13. Chill (feat. Large Professor & Meemee Nelzy)
14. Changes of Atmosphere (feat. Supastition)
15. Live the Life (Original Mix) (feat. J. Sands)
16. Chill (Lark Chillout Mix) (feat. Large Professor)

Oh, and I forgot to say in my last posts, go say welcome back to Ariel :)