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Monday, September 11, 2006

Fear of a Mixed Planet

Shock G [2004] Fear of a Mixed Planet

Shock G from Digital Underground drops solo debut in 2004, Fear of a Mixed Planet's multiple subjects and generally airier sound show how curious Shock-G has remained since Digital Underground's hiatus, he explores his mellow, even serious side. But he's also maintained his signature sense of humor, as the re-emergence of his Humpty Hump alter ego on the album's gently psychedelic finale proves.
Not a perfect album, but it’s still pretty good, too bad that we aren’t going to ear another album from Shock G, since he has retired from rap last year.

1. Keep It Beautiful feat. Keith Porter
2. Cherry Flava'd E-Mail feat. Clev MC, Fifth Element, Ant D.O.G., Delina Dream
3. Weesom Hustlas feat. Money-B, Humpty Hump
4. Cinnamon Waves feat. DJ Q-Bert, Ray Luv, Delina Dream
5. Holmedown Up feat. Yukmouth, Java, Clev MC, Fifth Element
6. Let's Go feat. Travel, DJ D Sharp
7. My Opinion feat. Numskull
8. Who's Clean
9. Fear Of A Mixed Planet
10. Gotchoo
11. The Rime In The Mochanut
12. Perfect Life feat. Element
13. We're All Killaz
14. Baby You Okay?
15. Sunshine Rime feat. Mo, Delina Dream
16. Clev MC
17. Your Sun Iza Pimp feat. Humpty Hump, K-Lien

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