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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Hidden Treasures

Last Emperor (2005) Hidden Treasures

Last Emperor was going to be a protégé of Dr. Dre, like Eminem or Snoop, but something went wrong and like Rakim, he and Dre went in separate ways.
He has opened shows for Redman, EPMD, Das EFX and K-Solo, Common, The Roots, and he has colaborated with artists like KRS-One, Chuck D, Pharoahe Monch and others.
With this Album/Mixtape, Last Emperor proves that he’s one of the best and most underrated MC’s around, the guestlist includes: Saigon, M-1 (of Dead Prez), RZA, Prince Paul, Paul Yamz & Sat One, Dave (of De la Soul) & Masta Ace.

1. Intro
2. 2012 (new)
3. Words From Capt Jack (skit)
4. Schoolrhyme Krush (new)
5. Monolith
6. Suzie Wong
7. Mystery Man
8. Meditations
9. Some Love, Some Hate (Remix) - feat Saigon
10. - feat M-1 (of Dead Prez)
11. Emperor Of Rhyme Spellbound (new)
12. Huslers Theme
13. He’s Alive - feat RZA
14. Echo Leader (3 verse Mix)
15. The Banger skit - feat Prince Paul
16. Awh Yeah
17. Blackboard Jungle (new)
18. Kermit On The Check In (skit)
19. Soul Instrument (new)
20. Heaven
21. Heaven (Remix)
22. Fo’ Real
23. Dozens
24. CIA Verse
25. Afta Midnight - feat Paul Yamz & Sat One
26. Drifter
27. Do U Remember
28. Clear Day - feat Dave (of De la Soul) & Masta Ace
29. Homage To the Natives
30. Black Apache ! (new)
31. Outro

UPDATE 10/8/07: Re-upped


boobacrazy said...

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bankhead said...

great album, his other one is also awesome. too bad nobody really got to know him. let's hope for some shine some day

MegaDemus said...

He's back... Black Apache single just released. Check it out at

DJ critikaL said...

mad props on this man, been looking for this hidden treasure for a long time