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Sunday, October 29, 2006

VH1 Hip Hop Honors 2006

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VH1 Hip Hop Honors 2006

Here are the mp3 files of the show, I ripped the tracks from the .avi file, the quality isn't the best but it's listenable, some great collabos in here. Enjoy.

01. Q-Tip, Fabolous, Diddy, Beastie Boys - Beastie Boys Tribute
02. Da Brat, Remy Ma, Lil' Kim, The Roots Band, MC Lyte - MC Lyte Tribute
03. Black Thought, Talib Kweli, Styles P, Raekwon, Kid Capri, Rakim and The Roots Band - Rakim Tribute
04. Xzibit, WC, Ice Cube, Lil' Jon - Ice Cube Tribute
05. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Young Jeezy, Lil' Eazy-E - Eazy-E Tribute
06. George Clinton, Bootsy Collins, Q-Tip, Black Thought, Fat Joe, Erykah Badu and The Roots Band - Africa Bambatta Tribute
07. Wu-Tang Clan ft. Styles P, Black Thought, Talib Kweli and Lil' Jon - Wu-Tang Tribute

Saturday, October 28, 2006

The Format

AZ [2006] The Format

After beginning his career by debuting with a verse on Nas’ track “Life’s A Bitch” (that owns the album in my opinion), AZ released classic albums and was also a member of rap super group The Firm and has recorded with some of today’s greatest producers such as Dr. Dre, DJ Premier, Trackmasters, Buckwild and Pete Rock. After a decade in the game, “A.W.O.L.” (2005) brought AZ back to the forefront and among his rightful place as one of Hip Hop’s most elite visceral lyricists. The album is a rock-solid collection of 12 new tracks, lead by the DJ Premier produced title track, as Primo and AZ rekindle the seamless chemistry they previously demonstrated on 2005’s “The Come Up.” Also, after producing AZ’s 2005 street-anthem “New York”, Emile rejoins the fold to produce four new tracks. M.O.P.’s Lil Fame produces three tracks and also appears alongside his M.O.P. brethren Billy Danzenie and AZ on “Sit ‘Em Back Slow” and Little Brother joins AZ on “Rise And Fall”, which is co-produced by Little Brother’s Phonte Coleman.

01- I Am the Truth
02- Sit Em Back Slow (ft. M.O.P.)
03- Get High
04- Make Me
05- Rise and Fall (ft. Little Brother)
06- Animal
07- Doing That
08- This Is What I Do
09- The Format (prod. DJ Premier)
10- Vendetta
11- Game of Life
12- Royal Salute

Monday, October 23, 2006

"Back in the days I knew rap would never die..."

KRS-One - Outta Here

What's better than a old KRS-One song to intruduce an old school post?

GTA: Vice City OST Vol. 5 - Wildstyle Pirate Radio

The album that got me into Hip-Hop, great compilation, only old school and electro classics like "The Message", "Looking for the Perfect Beat", "Rock Box", "The Breaks", "Magic's Wand", " Rockit", hosted by the legendary "Super Rockin' Mister Magic", download this now!!!!!

1. Wildstyle DJ Intro
2. Rockit - Herbie Hancock
3. The Message - Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five
4. More Bounce To The Ounce - Zapp & Roger
5. Wildstyle DJ Mr Magic
6. One For The Treble (Vocal Mix) - Davy Dmx
7. Bassline - Mantronix
8. Wildstyle DJ Halftime
9. Hip Hop Bee Bop (Don't Stop) - Man Parrish
10. Al-Naafiysh (The Soul) - Hashim
11. Clear - Cybotron
12. Wildstyle DJ 3rd Quarter
13. Looking For The Perfect Beat - Afrika Bambaataa & The Soulsonic Force
14. Wildstyle DJ Mr Magic Premier
15. Rock Box - RUN DMC
16. The Breaks - Kurtis Blow
17. Wildstyle DJ Mr Magic Super Blast
18. Magic's Wand - Whodini
19. Wildstyle Dj Outro
20. Degeneration
21. Maibatsu Thunder

Wild Style OST [1982]

One of those landmark albums of Hip-Hop culture, it was the first hip hop motion picture, released in 1982, features music from Fab Five Freddy, Lee Quinones, the Rock Steady Crew, The Cold Crush Brothers, Patti Astor, Sandra Fabara and Grandmaster Flash.
My favorite track got to be "South Bronx Subway Rap" by the one and only Grandmaster Caz, another download or die album! If you want the movie, check Biff's place.

1. Military Cut [Scratch Mix]
2. M.C. Battle
3. Basketball Throwdown - Fantasstic Freaks
4. Fantastic Freaks at the Dixie - Master Rob
5. Subway Theme [#] - Fred Brathwaite
6. Cold Crush Bros. At the Dixie - Easy AD
7. Cuckoo Clocking [#] - Fred Brathwaite
8. Stop Rap - Lil Rodney Cee
9. Double Trouble at the Amphitheatre - Fred Brathwaite
10. South Bronx Subway Rap [Original Mix] - Grandmaster Caz
11. Street Rap [Original Mix][#] - Busy Bee
12. Chief Rocker Busy Bee, D.J. A.J. At the Amphitheatre - Busy Bee
13. Gangbusters Scratch Mix
14. Rammellzee and Shock Deli at the Amptheatre - Grandmixer D.ST
15. Down by Law [#] - Fab 5 Freddy
16. Wild Style Theme Rap 1 [*] - Chris Stein
17. Wild Style Subway Rap 2 [*] - Chris Stein

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Rakim Tribute

Black Thought, Talib Kweli, Styles P, Raekwon, Kid Capri, Rakim and The Roots Band - Rakim Tribute (Live at VH1 Hip Hop Honors 2006) (includes part of a new Rakim song "It's Nothing")

Download Audio

I ripped the audio myself from YouTube, not great quality, but It's all good...

By the way, if anyone got the complete audio/video of this year's show or the one from 2004, hit me up.

EDIT: Download the show on, huge props

Friday, October 13, 2006

Complete Big L Discography

Lately, I haven’t been around here much, so here’s something for the weekend.

Lamont Coleman or Big L, murdered at the age of 24 back in 1999, is one of my favorite MC’s. He had some of the best punchlines of his time, and is mostly remembered for his freestyle ability, his lyrics were simple, direct, clever and most of them, genius.
He only got two official albums, but here in RapDungeon, I’m posting his COMPLETE discography, including his freestyle compilation, live album, archives, and a bootleg called “Unseen Picture” that contains all his guest spots and rarities. Have Fun!

Livestylez Ov Da Poor And Dangerous [1995]

01. Put It On (feat. Kid Capri)
02. MVP
03. No Endz, No Skinz
04. 8 Iz Enuff (feat. Terra, Herb McGruff, Buddha Bless)
05. All Black
06. Danger Zone
07. Street Struck
08. Da Graveyard (feat. Lord Finesse, Mic Nut, Jay-Z, Party Arty, Y.U.)
09. Lifestylez Ov Da Poor & Dangerous
10. I Don't Understand It
11. Fed Up With The Bullshit
12. Let 'Em Have It "L"

The Big Picture [2000]

01. Big Picture, The (Intro)
02. Ebonics
03. Size 'Em Up
04. Deadly Combination (feat. Tupac Shakur)
05. '98 Freestyle
06. Holdin' It Down (feat. Stan Spit, A.G. & Miss Jones)
07. Heist, The
08. Enemy, The (feat. Fat Joe)
09. Fall Back (feat. Kool G. Rap)
10. Flamboyant
11. Casualties Of A Dice Game
12. Platinum Plus (feat. Big Daddy Kane)
13. Who You Slidin' Wit (feat. Stan Spit)
14. Games (feat. Sadat X & Guru)
15. Heist Revisted, The
16. Triboro, The (feat. OC, Fat Joe & Remy Martin)

D.I.T.C. - Worldwide [2000]

01. Big L, O.C. and A.G. – Thick
02. O.C., Big L and Diamond - Get Yours
03. Big Punisher, Milano - Where Ya At
04. Fat Joe and Big L - Way of Life
05. Diamond, Big L, Lord Finesse, O.C. and A.G. - Day One
06. Milano and Cuban Link - Hey Luv
07. Diamond, O.C., A.G. and Lord Finesse – Foundation
08. O.C. - Champagne Thoughts
09. Big L - Ebonics (Primo rmx)
10. KRS-One, Big Pun and A.G. - Drop It Heavy
11. Fat Joe and Big L - Da Enemy
12. Big L, Lord Finesse, A.G. and O.C. - Stand Strong
13. A.G. - Weekend Nights
14. Big L, O.C. and A.G.- Thick (Rockwilder Mix)
15. O.C., A.G. and Lord Finesse - Big L Tribute

Harlems Finest - A Freestyle History I & II [2003]

Interview (Intro)
Rock N. Wills Audition
Stretch & Bobbito '92 Freestyle
Stretch & Bobbito '93 Freestyle
Stretch & Bobbito '94 Freestyle
Stretch & Bobbito '95 Freestyle (ft. Jay-Z)
Stretch & Bobbito '95 Pt. 2 Freestyle (ft. Jay-Z)
Tony Touch 139 Freestyle
Universal Freestyle
Doo Wop My Niggaz Freestyle
Stretch & Bobbito '98 Freestyle
Roc Raida Mixtape Freestyle
Flamboyant 1
Flamboyant 2 (ft. Royal Flush)
Kay Slay Freestyle
Devil's Son (Live in Amsterdam)
Nigga Please (ft. Stan Spit & McGruff)
How Will I Make It
Final Four Interview

Children of The Corn - Collectors Edition [2003]
1. Intro
2. The Corn - Feat. Cam' Ron, Mase and Bloodshed
3. Give Up The Game - Feat. Cam' Ron & Bloodshed
4. Biscuts and Bangers - Feat. Cam' Ron & Bloodshed
5. I Remember When - Feat. Cam' Ron & Bloodshed
6. Hard To Get By - Feat. Cam' Ron & Bloodshed
7. Harlem USA - Feat. Cam' Ron & Bloodshed
8. Harlem Nights - Feat. Cam' Ron & Bloodshed and Big-L
9. Don't Sleep - Feat. Cam' Ron & Bloodshed and Big-L
10. Star Is Born - Feat. Cam' Ron & Bloodshed
11. Harlem USA (Uptown) - Feat. Cam' Ron & Bloodshed
12. Fare One Part - Feat. Cam' Ron & Bloodshed
13. Fare One Part 2 - Feat. Cam' Ron & Bloodshed and Mase
14. Paint The Town Red - Feat. Bloodshed
15. Doin It - Feat. Cam' Ron & Bloodshed and Mase
16. Ill Flow - Cam' Ron & Bloodshed and Mase
17. Dangerzone - Feat.Mase, Big-L and McGruff
18. Six Figga Freestyle - Feat. Cam' Ron and McGruff
19. Bobbito Freestyle# - Feat. Big-L, Bloodshed, Mase, Cam' Ron and McGruff
20. Bobbito Freestyle#2 - Feat. Big-L, Bloodshed, Mase and Cam' Ron
21. American Dream - Feat. Mcgruff, Cam' Ron, Bloodshed, Mase and Big-L

Live from Amsterdam (Oct. 8, 1998) [2003]

Introducing Big L
MVP - Big L
Dangerous - Big L
Size 'Em Up - Big L
Ebonics - Big L
Shout Outs To The Crew - Big L
Devil's Son Remix - Big L
Introducing AG
Themes, Dreams & Schemes Remix - AG
Next Level - AG
Next Level (Nyte Time Mix) - AG
Spit - AG
Speak To The Fans - Big L & AG
We Do That Too - AG
Full Scale - AG
Spit Remix - AG
Soul Clap - AG
Day One - Big L & AG
Acapella - Big L
The Enemy - Big L & AG

The Unseen Picture [2004]

Wake Up Show Anthem (Sway & King Tech) Ft. Chino XL, Doug E. Fresh & AZ
Devil's Son
You Know What I'm About (Original Version) Ft. Lord Finesse
Back Up Off Me Ft. N.O.T.S. Click
Internationally Known (Remix) Ft. OC & Fat Joe
MVP (DJ Premier Summer Smooth Mix)
We Got This Ft. Mr. Cheeks
Yes You May (Remix) Ft. Lord Finesse
School Days
Work Is Never Done Ft. N.O.T.S. Click
5 Fingas Of Death Ft. Diamond D, Fat Joe, Lord Finesse & AG
Alone (Funkyman Mix) Ft. Stephen Simmonds & Marquee
Represent Ft. D'Shawn, Lord Finesse & AG
Clinic (I Shoulda Worn A Rubba)
Still Here Ft. C-Town
All Love Ft. Fat Joe, Lord Finesse & AG
Dangerous (Ghetto Pros) Ft. Milano & Rayvon
Times Is Hard On The Boulevard

The Archives 1996-2000 [2006]

01. Games Females Play
02. Now Or Never
03. Hit It
04. Platinum Plus (Riverside Mix)
05. We Got This (Alternate Lyrics)
06. Furious Anger feat. Shyhiem
07. Deadly Combination feat. 2pac, Notorious B.I.G.
08. On The Mic (Roc Raida Turntablist Mix)
09. Still Here (Hi-Tek Mix) feat. C-Town
10. Ebonics (Remix) feat. T-Rex
11. Who You Slidin Wit (Buckwild Mix)
12. Accapella 1
13. Accapella 2


Gang Starr - Work (Remix ft. Big L)
Big L - Interview and Freestyle (feat. D Flow, Party Arty and AG)
O.C. - Dangerous (feat. Big L)
Terror Squad - Bring 'Em Back (Feat. Big L and Big Punisher)

R.I.P. Big L (May 30, 1974 – February 15, 1999)

Monday, October 09, 2006

Early Biggie

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Notorious B.I.G. (2000) The Best of (Hosted by Mister Cee)

Not really a best of, more an early work, rarities & b-sides collection, there’s not really need for description, huge guest-list. I had to separate the file in two because rapidshare wasn't allowing me up files with more than 100mb, sorry about that.
Have fun.

Freestyle Live At Mister Cees
Real Love (Remix) (feat. Mary J. Blige)
Buddy X (Remix) (feat. Neneh Cherry)
Party And Bullshit
A Buncha Niggas (Original) (feat. Heavy D, Guru, 3rd Eye, Rob-O and Busta Rhymes)
Dolly My Baby (Remix) (feat. Supercat, Puff Daddy & Third Eye)
Jam Session (feat. Heavy D & Tru Kula)
The What (feat. Method Man)
For My Niggaz (Remix) (feat. Red Hot Lover Tone, M.O.P. & Prince Poetry)
Lets Get It On (feat. Heavy D, 2Pac & Grand Puba)
Im Just Playin
Cunt Renaissance (feat. R.A. the Rugged Man)
Da B Side (feat. Da Brat & Jermaine Dupri)
All Men Are Dogs (feat. Grand Puba)
Madison Square Garden Freestyle (feat. Big Daddy Kane, 2Pac, Scoob Lover & Shyhiem)
Live At The Palladium
Who Shot Ya?
Cant You See
Real Niggaz (All Verses)
Players Anthem (Orig & Remix) (feat. Junior MAFIA)
Get Money (Orig & Remix) (feat. Junior MAFIA)
One More Chance (Orig & Remix)
[BONUS] Flava In Ya Ear (Remix) (Feat. Craig Mack, Rampage, LL Cool J & Busta Rhymes)

Part 1 (tracks 1-19):

Part 2 (tracks 20-22+bonus track):

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Hi-Tek's Debut

Mood (1997) Doom

I was going to post the new Hi-Tek, but since it’s all over the blog community, it wouldn’t make much sense uploading it, but make sure you download it, It’s good music. Since everyone is hearing Hi-Tek right now, I think it’s the right moment to post this:

Mood is a group based in Cincinnati, Ohio, composed of rappers Main Flow, Donte, and producer Jahson. Their debut “Doom” was fully produced by Hi-Tek and featured guest appearances by Talib Kweli and Sunz of Man. Although overlooked, they are one of the more influential groups in Hip Hop, considering the release of Doom was in 1997, a formative era for the genre.

1. Esoteric Manuscripts
2. Info For The Streets (Good Version)
3. He Is DJ Hi-Tek
4. Karma
5. The Vision
6. Tunnel bound
7. Nuclear Hip Hop (feat. Talib Kweli)
8. Another Day
9. Sacred Pt. 1 (feat. Talib Kweli)
10. Peddlers Of Doom (feat. Talib Kweli)
11. Millenium
12. Babylon The Great
13. Peace Infinity
14. Secrets Of The Sand
15. Illuminated Sunlight (feat. Sunz Of Man)
16. Industry Lies (feat. Talib Kweli)
17. No Ordinary Brother
18. Cincinatti

UPDATED: Good version of track 2 inserted

Monday, October 02, 2006

The Death Of Frequent Flyer

PSALM One (2006) The Death Of Frequent Flyer

Another Suprise of 2006. A Southside Chicago native, Psalm has been reppin' the windy city on the mic since early '98. Called a cross between Lauryn Hill and Devin The Dude, Psalm stands ready to follow in the footsteps of Chitown greats like Kanye West or Common, while taking her place next to up and comers like Lupe Fiasco. Readied with her Rhymesayers debut, the self-proclaimed quirky B-Girl and former chemist ushers in a new breed of "Rapper Girl" with the release of The Death of Frequent Flyer.

01. The Death Of Frequent Flyer (Feat Thaone Davis & DJDQ Of Glue)
02. The Living
03. Prelude To A Diss (Starring Ang13)
04. Rapper Girls
05. The Nine
06. Macaroni & Cheese (Feat KA DI)
07. Standby (Feat Brother Ali & Ant Of Atmosphere)
08. Rap Star
09. Let Me Hear
10. Beat The Drum (Feat DJDQ Of Glue)
11. Sworn Habbit
12. Mountain High (Feat DJDQ Of Glue)
13. Peanuts
14. Rest In Peace