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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

"I’m the C-A-S-AN the O-V-A"

Grandmaster Caz (2007)
Rare & Unreleased Old School Hip-Hop '86-'87

Uncut raw old school flavor from one of the originators! Cold Crush Brother GMC gets some dap in this historical series from Tuff City, who pull together a fresh collection of classic, stripped down 80s cuts.

1. Now You Know (Previously Unreleased)
2. Get Down Gmc
3. Mr. Nice Guy (Previously Unreleased)
4. I'm Rich (Previously Unreleased)
5. I'm Gonna Freak You
6. A Girl Named Kim (45 King Remix)
7. I'm What Is You're What Wants To Be
8. Good, Fresh, Down, Time (Previously Unreleased)
9. Count Basey

Sunday, June 24, 2007

unCommon Classics

The amazing unCommon Classics mixtape series contain most of the tracks that Common released, like my Collection series, lots of rare and unreleased stuff, I will post a Rapdungeon Collection with the tracks that aren't featured here (which are a lot), enjoy.

Uncommon Classics I (2000)

1. Freestyle (feat. Prince) - Live @ The Metro; Chicago IL 11/22/00
2. Soul By The Pound (Thump Remix)
3. Tekzilla
4. Confusion (w/ Just Ro)
5. Slam Pit (w/ The Beatnuts)
6. Interview (f/ Joe Clair / DJ Love)
7. Fresh Rhymes (feat. J.U.I.C.E. & O-Type Star)
8. High Expectations
9. Lately I've Been Thinking (feat. Sean Lett)
10. Freestyle (feat. Funkmaster Flex)
11. The Remedy (feat. A Tribe Called Quest)
12. Freestyle (feat. DJ Honda)
13. Reminding Me Of Self (Roots Remix)
14. Like They Used To Say
15. Sun God (feat. Hi-Tek)
16. Divide & Conquer
17. Can-I-Bus (feat. Y-Not)
18. The Bitch In Yoo (Ice Cube Dis)
19. State To State (feat. No I.D. & Dug Infinite)
20. Da Bizness (feat. De La Soul)
21. Ressurection (Large Professor Remix)
22. 8 Minutes To Sunrise (feat. Jill Scott)
23. A Better Tommorrow (feat. Brand Nubian)
24. Car Horn
25. Play Dis (98' Version) (feat. Saukrates)
26. U.N.I. Verse All (feat. The Roots)
27. A For Effort
28. The Light (feat. Prince) Live @ The Metro Chicago, Il, 11/22/00

More Uncommon Classics II: The Return of Big Illinois (2002)

1. Intro (Be Yourself)
2. Resurrection (Extra P Remix)
3. The Jam feat. Alliance Ethnik & Rahzel
4. Embrace The Chaos feat. Ozomatli
5. Out For The Cash (Original Version) feat. DJ Honda, The Beatnuts, Al Tariq, Fat Joe & Problemz [RARE]
6. Life Goes On feat. Kid Capri, AZ, Allure & Case [UNRELEASED]
7. 89.9-WKCR Radio Freestyle with Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito
8. Mic Set feat. The Immigrants [UNRELEASED]
9. In The Sun feat. Shaquille O'Neal & Black Thought [UNRELEASED]
10. Act Too (The Love Of My Life) feat. The Roots
11. Play Dis ('99 Remix) feat. Saukrates
12. One For Love feat. Talib Kweli, Kool G Rap, Rah Digga, Mos Def, Sporty Thievz, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Pharoahe Monch, Posdonuos
13. Money For Doe feat. O-Type Star [UNRELEASED]
14. Who Stole The Clippers? [UNRELEASED, EARLY 90's DEMO]
15. 88.5-WHPK Radio Freestyle with Masta Ace
16. The Truth feat. Pharoahe Monch & Talib Kweli
17. Don't Come Come My Way feat. Slick Rick
18. 1-9-9-9 (Duro Remix) feat. Sadat X [UNRELEASED]
19. UnAmerican Caravan feat. Y-Not [UNRELEASED, EARLY 90's DEMO]
20. The Bitch In Yoo (Alternate Lyrics) [UNRELEASED]
21. Some unCommon Breaks
22. 88.5-WHPK Battle: Common vs. Kanye West ('96) (HIDDEN TRACK)

Uncommon Classics III: Full Circle (2005)

1. Funk Sh*t feat. Marley Marl [RARE]
2. Jesus Walks feat. Kanye West (REMIX)
3. Respiration feat. Black Star
4. While I'm Dancin' feat. Payme
5. Cryogenic (Refreshed Rhymes) feat. Cyphernauts [UNRELEASED]
6. The Corner feat. Scarface & Mos Def (REMIX)
7. The Struggle Continues feat. Talib Kweli & David Banner
8. Why feat. Jadakiss & Nas (REMIX)
9. 1-9-9-9 feat. Sadat X
10. The Train [Unreleased Demo]
11. She Wants More feat. N-E-R-D, Mos Def, De La Soul & Q-Tip (Native Tongue Remix)
12. Real Compared To What feat. Mya
13. Better Than Yours feat. Kanye West
14. Yelling Away feat. Zap Mama, Talib Kweli & ?uestlove
15. Come Closer Remix (Closer) feat. Erykah Badu, Pharrell & Q-Tip
16. Days Of Our Lives feat. De La Soul
17. Enough Beef feat. Royce Da 5'9" & Chino XL
18. Claimin' Respect #2 feat. Edo G & Masta Ace (Coulevard Connection)
19. Verbal Murder 2 feat. Pete Rock, Big Punisher & Noreaga
20. Ghetto Show feat. Talib Kweli & Anthony Hamilton
21. Any Given Sunday fea. Jamie Foxx & Guru
22. Freestyle Song feat. KRS-One
23. Wack N*ggas feat. Consequence, Kanye West & Talib Kweli
24. I Used To Love H.E.R. (Molemen Remix) Prod. By Panik [Exclusive]

UPDATE 08/2007: Re-upped

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Coming Down Like Babylon

Prince Akeem (1991) Coming Down Like Babylon

I came across this forgotten album when I was looking for some Chuck D tracks for my collection, if you're a Public Enemy fan, this is a must listen.
Part gangsta/street and part Rasta/reggae, with bits and pieces of R&B, funk, and soul.
More Info here.

1. Swingin' ft. Raww
2. System Breakdown /The Junkie
3. We Won't Stop
4. Only We Can Do This ft. Chuck D & Flavor Flav
5. It's a New Thang
6. Can't Keep Us Down
7. Time To Come Correct / The Jacket ft. Chuck D
8. Brothers Want Bass
9. Armegeddon
10. Flush the Government
11. Add It Up

Monday, June 11, 2007

The Jeru The Damaja Collection

(sorry for the lame ass cover)

Rapdungeon Presents: The Jeru The Damaja Collection
Yep, i'm back with a new of my world-famous collections, I belive it includes all the non-album tracks that the Dirty Rotten Scoundrel has ever released, it includes some RAF tracks (rare as fuck). But then again, I got the info from various sites, and none of them had all the tracks, so it's possible that i'm missing some, if you have any non-album track that isn't featured here (in particular, the famous Hot 97 promo, with 10 Crack Commandments beat), hit me up.

01. Gang Starr - Intro (No Shame In My Game) (feat. Jeru)
02. Gang Starr - I'm The Man (feat. Jeru and Lil Dap)
03. Gang Starr - Speak Ya Clout (feat. Jeru and Lil Dap)
04. Digable Planets - Graffiti (feat. Jeru)
05. D&D Allstars - 1, 2 Pass It
06. D&D Allstars - 1, 2 Pass It (Remix)
07. Walkin' Large - When I Flow (feat. Jeru)
08. Jeru, Chubb Rock & O.C - Return Of The Crooklyn Dodgers
09. Bounty Killer - Suicide Murder (HipHop Mix) (feat. Jeru)
10. Rae & Christian - Flip the Mic (feat. Jeru)
11. Jeru and Afu-Ra - East New York Stamp
12. DJ Honda - El Presidente (feat. Jeru)
13. Group Home - Real Niggas Don't Die (feat. Jeru)
14. Wizone - Microphone Memoirs (Remix by Kingsize) (feat. Jeru)
15. Jeru, Big Dap, Out Loud - Pay Like U Way
16. DJ JS-1 & Dub-L - Won't Stop (feat. Jeru)
17. Jeru - Verses of Doom
18. Violadores Del Verso - Solo Quedar Consuelo (feat. Jeru)
19. Frank N Dank - Worldwide (feat. Jeru)

20. Jeru - Murdera
21. Grooveman Spot - 1,2,3,4 (feat. Jeru)
22. Yor123 & Skandaali - Keep Distance (feat. Jeru)
23. Jeru and Lil Dap - Freestyle
24. Jeru, Ghostface Killah and Cappadonna - Freestyle
25. Jeru and Afu-Ra - Freestyle
26. Jeru - Tony Touch Freestyle
27. Jeru - Me, Not The Paper
28. Jeru - Can't Stop The Prophet (Pete Rock Remix)
29. Jeru - Ya Playin Yaself (Single Version)
30. Groove Armada - Suntoucher (feat. Jeru)
31. DJ Hazu - Sword Heads (feat. Jeru & NIPPS)

32. Jeru The Damaja - East New York Stalks
33. Jeru The Damaja - Friend Or Foe (Gangstarr Diss)
34. Ill Bill - The Three Wisemen (feat. O.C. and Jeru)

35. Beat Conductor - Entertainers (feat. Jeru)
36. La Coka Nostra - Broken Pieces (feat. Jeru)

UPDATE: Added 30. Groove Armada - Suntoucher (feat. Jeru), big thanks to The Suntoucher, I included the track on a new rapidshare link, but if you like Mediafire better, download the track here.
UPDATE 2: Re-upped, and added 31. DJ Hazu - Sword Heads (feat. Jeru & NIPPS), thanks to ionicboy, same thing as the last update, the RS link was updated, and here's the link for the song alone.
UPDATE 3: Added East New York Stalks & Friend Or Foe (Gangstarr Diss) to the RS link, thanks a lot to Chris.
UPDATE 4: Added 34. Ill Bill - The Three Wisemen (feat. O.C. and Jeru The Damaja) to the RS link, it just leaked and will be featured on the new Ill Bill mixtape "Black Rock", along with another Jeru The Damaja track called Broken Pieces. Props to Ill Bill for putting Jeru on the mic.
UPDATE 5: Added 35. Beat Conductor - Entertainers (feat. Jeru), damn why don't these tracks appear before I post?
UPDATE 6: Added 36. La Coka Nostra - Broken Pieces (feat. Jeru), you have to download this one alone.
UPDATE 7: Re-upped

Saturday, June 09, 2007


Gabriel Teodros (2007) Lovework

Gabriel Teodros is a hip-hop artist based in Seattle and is signed to Massline Records with other artists such as the Blue Scholars and Common Market. If you liked the Blue Scholars album, check this one out, it's not as good, but it's still a nice listen amd some of the tracks are really good.
"Equally at home addressing political repression in East Africa or reflecting on the effects of patriarchy in his relationships, Gabriel Teodros captures each moment soulfully with his unmistakably (north)west coast delivery."

1. Sacred Texts
2. Do U
3. No Label (Esma Remix)
4. Beautiful
5. Sexcapism
6. Racoon Rock
7. East Africa
8. Don't Cry For Us
9. In This Together
10. The Dirty 6 (Skit)
11. It's That
12. Third World Wide
13. Warriors
14. Chili Sauce
15. Find A Place
16. Lovework
17. Bonus Track

Monday, June 04, 2007

Say What!?

US3 (2007) Say What!?
Brand new album by the jazz-rap group. Check out Europe: Reviews for more info.

1. Say You Belong To Me (3:28)
2. Man On Top (4:34)
3. ABC (Listen Up) (5:16)
4. Afrodisiac (4:39)
5. I Don’t Care (4:16)
6. VIP (Can You Hear Me Now?) (4:36)
7. Truth & Lies (4:02)
8. Intoxicated (3:29)
9. The Day That I Died (7:03)
10. How ‘Bout It Baby? (4:59)
11. If You Don’t Know (5:11)
12. I’ll Be Right Back (4:49)
13. Money On My Mind (4:08)