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Thursday, May 31, 2007


Pharoahe Monch [2007] Desire
Almost 8 years after his last album, the one and only Pharoahe Monch finally releases his second album. It's labeled advance, but it's the same tracklist as the retail, and has no promo bs and the quality is great, make sure you support Pharoahe when this album drops on June 26th.

01. Intro
02. Free
03. Desire (Ft. Showtime)
04. Push (Ft. Showtime, Mela Machinko, Tower Of Power)
05. Welcome To The Terrordome
06. What It Is
07. When The Gun Draws (Ft. Mr. Porter)
08. Let’s Go (Ft. Mela Machinko)
09. Body Baby
10. Bar Trap (Ft. Mela Machinko)
11. Hold On (Ft. Erykah Badu)
12. So Good
13. Trilogy (Act 1 Ft. Mr. Porter, Act 2 Ft. Dwele, Act 3 Ft. Tone)
14. Agent Orange (UK Bonus Track)

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Straight Coonin'

Dras [2007] Straight Coonin'

A few days ago, a guy that gave me a major help on my Pharoahe Monch discog, sent me this mixtape from his artist Dras, from Th3rd Eye Music. The album's main theme is about hip-hop's current state and how dumb the mainstream cats act, it's a little repetitive sometimes, but it's still interesting and worth checking out.

01 Aye (Intro)
02 Whun To Three
03 B.O.M.Y.
04 Exact
05 Catfish
06 Chicken?
07 Soulmatic
08 The Coon Premonition
09 The Coon Over
10 Just A Moment
11 What Is..."Cooning"?
12 Hanging From The Platform
13 Puppet Of Society
14 iRap
15 Wait A Minute
16 The Last Rose

Download Sendspace
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Dras myspace

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Rap Dungeon Selection #06

Rap Dungeon Selection #06
As requested, a new RDS, with 13 fresh new songs. By the way, are Jurassic 5 still together? Or is this a leftover track?

01. Common - The Game (Feat. DJ Premier)
02. Jurassic 5 - Hood In The USA [Prod. By Large Professor]
03. KRS-One, Kool Moe Dee & Young MC - Best Damn Sports Show 80’s Special
04. Papoose and Busta Rhymes - Drop It
05. Showbiz & A.G. - Live Hard, Die Harder
06. Akhenaton feat Main Flow, King Solomon, Rockin'Squat & Masta Ace - Days are longer
07. Amy Winehouse ft. Jay-Z & Pharoahe Monch - Rehab (Rmx)
08. Bishop Lamont & Black Milk - Caltroit
09. Kanye West - Can't Tell Me Nothing
10. Showbiz & A.G - Business As Usual (Prod. By Showbiz & Cuts By DJ Premier)
11. Styles P - The Hardest [Feat. AZ][Prod. By Large Professor]
12. Tech N9ne - Midwest Choppers ft. Dalima & Big Krizz Kaliko
13. Tragedy Khadafi ft. Prince Ali - Righteous Scrolls

Monday, May 21, 2007

Blue Scholars

Blue Scholars (2007) Bayani
I saw this album on When They Reminisce yesterday and I was amazed, possibly one of the best and most refreshing albums of the year, being released on Rawkus (which has been dropping some great releases lately).
Visit this place for more info about the group.
Trust me, check out this album NOW!

1. Baha’i Healing Prayer (intro)
2. Second Chapter
3. Opening Salvo
4. North by Northwest
5. Ordinary Guy
6. Still Got Love
7. Bayani
8. Loyalty
9. Fire for the People
10. Xenophobia (interlude)
11. The Distance
12. Back Home
13. 50 Thousand Deep
14. Morning of America
15. Joe Metro


Saturday, May 19, 2007

Hip Hop Lives

KRS-One and Marley Marl [2007] Hip Hop Lives

This is a historical album in the sense that 20 years ago, KRS and Marl were once bitter rivals involved in the legendary Bridge Wars and today, while most of Hip-Hop cats are beefing, this two legends joined forces, showing unity, and that’s a great thing for Hip-Hop.

01. It’s Alive (Intro)
02. Hip Hop Lives
03. Nothing New
04. I Was There
05. Musika (feat. Magic Juan)
06. Rising To The Top
07. Over 30
08. M.A.R.L.E.Y. (Skit)
09. Kill A Rapper
10. The Teacha’s Back
11. The Victory (feat. Blaq Poet)
12. This Is What It Is
13. All Skool
14. House Of hits (feat. Chief Rocker Busy Bee)

Hip Hop Lives (I Come Back)

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Port Authority

Marco Polo (2007) Port Authority

Port Authority is the debut album by Canadian Hip Hop producer Marco Polo, as a joint venture between Soulspazm Records and Rawkus Records. Make sure you check this one out, it's one of the best albums of the year, great production and great guests.

1.Port Authority Intro
2.Get Busy (feat. Copywrite)
3.Marquee (feat. O.C.)
4.War F (feat. Kardinal Offishall)
5.Nostalgia (feat. Masta Ace)
6.Wrong One (feat. Wordsworth)
7.Low Budget (feat. Kev Brown, Kenn Starr, Oddisee, Cy Young, Kaimbr)
8.Speak Softly (feat. JoJo Pellegrino)
9.Time & Place (feat. Ed O.G.)
10.Radar, The (feat. Large Professor)
11.All My Love (feat. Jaysaun)
12.Lay It Down (feat. Roc-Marciano)
13.Go Around (feat. Buckshot)
14.Hood Tales (feat. Kool G. Rap, D.V. Alias Khryst)
15.Heat (feat. Supastition)
16.Rollin (feat. Sadat X, Ju Ju, AG)
17.For The Future (feat. Critically Acclaimed)
18.Relax (feat. J.Davey)

Link removed

Nostalgia (feat. Masta Ace)

It feels damn good to see one of the best rappers ever back on the mic.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Immortal Technique Discography Part 2

Rapdungeon Presents: The Immortal Technique Collection

Here you go, I included all the songs I found that weren't on The Silenced Revolution.
I'd like to give props to OOBE for making all the IT mixtapes, from where I got most of these tracks.
Have fun.

01. Rok One & Immortal Technique - Fucked Up For Life
02. Pack FM, Poison Pen, Immortal Technique, Rhymefest - WNYU (Freestyle) Cypher
03. Breez Evahflowin & Immortal Technique - Land Of The Gun
04. Outerspace - Angels Of Death ft. Immortal Technique
05. Coast Control Freestyle (Produced By Da Riffs)
06. Scram Jones & Immortal Technique - Silence
07. Block McCloud - Change Gon Come Feat. Immortal Technique & War Mixby
08. Chuggo - The People R Shit Feat. Immortal Technique
09. Bin Laden Feat. Mos Def
10. Bin Laden (Remix) Feat. Chuck D & KRS-One
11. Akir - Treason Feat. Immortal Technique
12. CunninLynguists - Never Know Why Feat. Immortal Technique
12. Pumpkinhead - Grenades Feat. Immortal Technique
13. Public Enemy - Field Nigga Boogie Feat. Paris & Immortal Technique (XLR8R Remix)
14. Impeach The President Feat. Saigon, Dead Prez & Jus Blaze
15. Killah Priest - Stand Still Feat. Immortal Technique & BloodSport
16. Akir - The Louisiana Purchase ft. Immortal Technique, Poison Pen, Mojo
17. Genesis
18. Poison Pen - Victim ft. Immortal Technique
19. Poison Pen - Stronghold Movement ft. Immortal Technique & Breez Evahflowin
20. Diabolic - Drugs Is Drugs Feat. Immortal Technique and Reymnd
21. Ralph Dog, Immortal Technique, Manifest Destiny and Eternal - Sleep Is The Cousin Of Death
22. Watch Out

23. Sick Symphonies - CIA Murder Me (Remix Feat. Chace Infinite & Immortal Technique)
24. Poison Pen & Immortal Technique - Stronghold Warriors
25. Immortal Technique and Joell Ortiz - Modern Day Slavery
26. Mumia Abu Jamal - The War vs. Us All
27. Domingo - Street Hustle ft. Immortal Technique
28. Radio Active
29. Fat Beats Radio
30. Wax 42 Freestyle Feat. Akir & Diabolic
31. Mumia Abu Jamal - Learning From Latin America
32. Personal Life Intro
33. Battle vs. Smoke Dizza
34. Battle vs. Phenomenon
35. Battle vs. Eyedea
36. Abbey Pub
37. A-Alikes, Stimuli, Steele and Immortal Technique - Murder Me (Remix aka Pt. 2)
38. Poison Pen - Copland (Feat. Diabolic, Fatz, Da Assassin, Goodtime Slim & Immortal Technique)
39. Immortal Technique & DJ-GI Joe - Underworld Vol.3
40. Immortal Technique & Temperamento - Golpe De Estado

41. Immortal Technique Feat. Boot Camp Clik - Military Minds
42. Killah Priest - Standstill (feat. Bloodsport & Immortal Technique)
43. C Rayz Walz And Parallel Thought - Chorus Collection (Feat. Various)
44. Immortal Technique - Beyond Visual Feat. Ike Eyez
45. Akir - Treason (Remix) Feat. Immortal Technique
46. Parole (Snippet)

47. Parole
48. Ill Bill - War Is My Destiny ft. Max Cavalera & Immortal Technique
49. Maya Azucena - The Rebel Inside Ft. Immortal Technique & Hasan Salaam
50. Immortal Technique - Apocalypse (Remix) ft. AKIR & Pharoahe Monch
51. Immortal Technique - Watch Out (Live Remix)
52. Thirstin Howl The 3rd - Beat Down of Your Life (feat. Immortal Technique)
53. ADLM - Razorblade Deathsticks (Feat. Immortal Technique & Mac Lethal)
54. D. Rymz and Immortal Technique - Anomalies
55. Rockin' Squat feat. Immortal Technique - Démocratie fasciste (Article 4)

Friday, May 11, 2007

Immortal Technique Discography Part 1

In case you've been living under a rock, you should know about Immortal Technique. If you don't here's some info from wikipedia: Most of his lyrics focus on socio-political issues. The views expressed in his lyrics are largely a mixture of left-wing political commentary on issues such as poverty, religion, and racism. His lyrics also express a belief in conspiracy theories (fans have mixed opinions about them), especially regarding the September 11, 2001 World Trade Center attacks. He also focuses on the harsh realities of criminality in housing projects of New York City's slums. I'm gonna post his two albums and a popular internet bootleg which contains some of his off-album songs. Look out for part 2, similar to the P-Monch one.

Revolutionary Vol.1 (2001)

01. Creation & Destruction
02. Dominant Species
03. Positive Balance (feat. Big Zoo)
04. The Getaway
05. Beef And Broccoli
06. No Me Importa (feat. DJ Black Panther)
07. Top of the Food Chain Remix (feat. Poison Pen)
08. The Poverty of Philosophy
09. Revolutionary
10. Spend Some Time Remix
11. Dance With The Devil (feat. DJ Black Panther)
12. The Prophecy
13. Understand Why
14. No Mercy
15. The Illest (feat. Jean Grae & Pumpkinhead)
16. Speak Your Mind

Revolutionary Vol.2 (2003)

1. Revolutionary Intro
2. The Point Of No Return
3. Peruvian Cocaine feat.
C-Rayz Walz, Pumpkinhead, Lou Cipher, Tonedeff, Diabolic, Poison Pen
4. Harlem Streets
5. Obnoxious
6. The Message & The Money
7. Industrial Revolution feat. DJ Roc Raida
8. Crossing The Boundary
9. Sierra Meastra
10. The 4th Branch
11. Internally Bleeding
12. Homeland And Hip Hop feat. Mumia Abu Jamal
13. The Cause Of Death
14. Freedom Of Speech
15. Leaving The Past
16. Truth's Razors
17. You Never Know feat. Jean Grae
18. One (Remix) feat.

The Silenced Revolution

1. April freestyle
2. Belly of the beast
3. Black out special
4. Caught in a hustle
5. Hip hop speach
6. Hok (remix) (feat. breez evaflowin)
7. Underground railroad freestyle
8. Razor death blade stick
9. The rebel
10. The other white meat (feat. soul purpose)
11. In the club freestyle
12. Brooklyn academy (feat. metaphor)
13. Keepin' it raw (feat. c-rayz walz)
14. Fight until the end (feat. sabac & roosevelt phillip)
15. Audio technician (feat. l.i.f.e. long)
16. Bangers freestyle
17. Battles vs. flow
18. Battle vs.
19. Battle vs.
c-rayz walz
20. Dance with the devil (instrumental)

Monday, May 07, 2007

Contemporary Jeep Music

Da King & I (1993) Contemporary Jeep Music

I found this album a couple of days on a blog called From Da Bricks, claiming to be "The Most Underrated Album Of All Time", so I downloaded it, and I loved. I wonder how I hadn't heard it before, because it's without a doubt a forgotten east-coast classic. Just check the reviews at Amazon.

1) Intro (Contemporary Jeep Music)
2) Let's Take a Trip
3) Flip da Scrip
4) Interlude 1 (MC A$$h*le)
5) Krak da Weazel
6) Interlude 2 (Amusement Park)
7) Brain 2 U
8) Tears
9) Soul Shack Interlude
10) Ghetto Instinct
11) Mr. All That
12) Interlude 3 (Jazz Skit)
13) This is How We Do
14) Interlude 4 (Izzy Sings da Blues)
15) Lost My Mind
16) Represent
17) Crack da Weasel (Dat Other S***)
18) What's Up Doc

Saturday, May 05, 2007

The Original Baby Pa

Deda (1995) The Original Baby Pa [Produced by Pete Rock]
As requested, another forgotten '95 Pete Rock produced album, if you liked InI's album, check this one.

1. Everyman
2. Baby Pa
3. How I'm Livin'
4. Blah Uno
5. Can't Wait
6. I Originate
7. Markd4death
8. Nasty Scene
9. Nothing More
10. Press Rewind
11. Rhyme Writer
12. Too Close
13. Understand?

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Center Of Attention

InI (1995) Center Of Attention [Produced by Pete Rock]

Another forgotten jazzy classic, by group formed by Rob O and Grap Luva, fully produced by the one and only Pete Rock. What more do I need to say?

1. Intro (H.I.M.)
2. No More Words
3. Step Up
4. Think Twice
5. Square One
6. Life I Live
7. Kross Roads
8. To Each His Own (feat. Q-Tip and Large Pro)
9. Fakin' Jax
10. What You Say
11. Props
12. Center Of Attention
13. Grown Man Sport
14. Mind Over Matter
15. Don't You Love It
16. Microphonist Wanderlust