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Tuesday, September 05, 2006


US3 (2006) Schizophonic

Us3 return with their 5th album Schizophonic on their own label and continue to meld the best elements of hip-hop and jazz better than the majority of their contempories.
The two styles have always fused well due to the free flowing nature of both genres, that said it can still be done badly if it’s not in the right hands. Geoff Wilkinson is at the helm though to produce and mix this album and he draws in all elements expertly as live musicians and laid down hip-hop beats blend effortlessly around the various vocalists on Schizophonic.

01. That's How We Do It
02. Kick This
03. Was It Love?
04. Huff & Puff
05. What's Goin' On In The World Today
06. Much 2 Much
07. Girls Like U
08. If Only
09. Don't Even Ask
10. Jobsworth
11. Get Busy
12. K.I.S.S.Y.O.U.
13. 1-2-3-4U
14. Round The Globe

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BiffReagle said...

sweeeeeeeeeeeet...... didnt even know about this!! downloading now, HUGEE PROPS!