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Friday, November 30, 2007

Busta Rhymes + J. Dilla = Dillagence

Lots of great albums have leaked in these last weeks (Cunninlynguists, Ghostface Killah, Hi-Tek, Public Enemy, Scarface, Murs, Wu-Tang Clan, and the list goes on), I really liked the CL and Wu-Tang ones, and I haven't had the time to pay much attention to the rest, but here's a little something that got my attention:

Mick Boogie Presents [2007]
Busta Rhymes + J. Dilla = Dillagence
Tired of hearing Busta Rhymes on crappy songs like "I Love My Bitch" or poppy remixes? Want to hear the good old Busta Rhymes again? Well, I think this is the closer you're going to get. A mixtape full of new Busta Rhymes verses over unreleased J. Dilla beats along with cool guestspots... what more can you ask for? Trust me, this is the best that I've heard from Busta for a while, and I have a feeling it's going to be that for some time. J. Dilla fans will also be happy, so it's a 2 in 1. Enjoy. Thank you Mick Boogie and Busta for paying tribute to one of the greatest.

1. Words From Ma Dukes
2. Dillagence (produced by DJ Spinna)
3. Takin What’s Mine
4. Step Up
5. The Conversation (f/ Talib Kweli)
6. Code of the Streets (f/ MOP)
7. Lightworks (f/ Q-Tip and Talib Kweli)
8. Baggage Handlers (f/ Raekwon)
9. How We Roll
10. Best That Ever Did It (f/ Rah Digga)
11. Psycho (f/ Cassidy and Papoose)
12. The Range (f/ Rah Digga)
13. Not Right Now
14. Other Side Of The Road
15. Who Tryin To Kill You
16. High
17. Dillagence Outro
It's free download link taken from, so enjoy it.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Jack Of All Trades

Wildchild (of Lootpack) (2007) Jack Of All Trades

Even though it's not Lootpack, Wildchild still managed to find the hottest producers in the game for his second solo album. Featuring beats by Madlib, Black Milk, Oh No, Georgia Anne Muldrow, & Kev Brown. Guests include Masta Ace, MC Lyte, Special Ed, Percee P, Prince Po, Souls of Mischief, MED, Oh No, & more.
The standout track here is "The League", for obvious reasons, and the amazing Dilla Tribute "Rest N Beats" but the whole album is nice, if you liked Percee P's album, you're also going to like this one.

01 Jack of All Trades (prod. Astroblack)
02 Fresh Air (f/Georgia Anne Muldrow, prod. Lab Technicians)
03 Puppet Masters (f/Prince Po, prod. Madlib)
04 Boom Bap
05 Custom Love (prod. Georgia Anne Muldrow)
06 How We do (f/Souls of Mischief, prod. Quiroga)
07 Da Herc Dance (prod. Oh No)
08 Ox to tha D (prod. Black Milk, f/Frank-n-Dank)
09 The League (prod. Madlib, f/Special Ed, Masta Ace, Percee P, & MC Lyte)
10 Day N The Funk (f/Georgia Anne Muldrow)
11 Interviews (prod. Black Milk)
12 Rest N Beats (prod. Oh No)
13 Love at 1st Mic (prod. Black Milk)
14 Eyes Wide Shut (prod. Madlib, f/Oh No & MED)
15 The League Remix (prod. Kev Brown, f/Special Ed, Masta Ace, Percee P, & MC Lyte)


Thursday, November 22, 2007

Super Barrio Bros

Super Barrio Bros [2007] Super Barrio Bros

Project Blowed's Dumbfoundead and producer 8-Bit Bandit collaborate for an album of video-game-enhanced madness!
You've heard people flip an NES beat before, but I guarantee it's never been done quite like this as they take it to the next level, the whole instrumental part is done with NES sounds, along with good scracthes. Definitly an interesting project.

1. Intro
2. Mash and Smash
3. Bosses (feat. Alpha MC and Open-Mike Eagle)
4. Bad Villain
5. Three Pipes Down (feat. Psychosiz)
6. Song of Time Instrumental
7. Strategy Guide (feat. Sahtyre, Psydewaze and Nocando)
8. System (feat. DJ Dstrukt)
9. Snoochie Instrumental
10. Game Over
11. Outro Instrumental
12. Next Level (feat. Lyraflip, N/A and EMS)
13. Shit Talkers (feat. Thirsty Fish)
14. Glitch Ghost (feat. Abstract Rude)

Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Horns of Jericho

Hijack [1991] The Horns of Jericho

I saw this album about a year ago (?) at 9@ 's place and I was amazed by its quality, and shocked by the fact it's pratically unknown outside the UK. EVERYONE should listen to this classic, they'll remind of Public Enemy sometimes, old school fans will love this.
Hijack were a hip hop group from Brixton in London, featuring Kamanchi Sly, DJ Supreme, DJ Undercover, Ulysses, Agent Fritz and Agent Clueso. Their early singles brought them to the attention of West Coast rapper Ice T, who signed the group to his own Rhyme Syndicate Records label.

1 Intro / Phantom Of The Opera
2 The Syndicate Outta Jail
3 Daddy Rich (Part 1)
4 Back To Brixton
5 Airwave Hijack (Part 1)
6 Hijack The Terrorist Group
7 The Badman Is Robbin
8 I Had To serve You
9 Don’t Go With Strangers
10 Brother Versus Brother
11 The Paranoid Schizophrenic With Homocidal Tendencies
12 The Contract
13 Daddy Rich (Part 2)

Once again sorry for the lack of posts.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

London Posse Bites Dentist

London Posse (1990) Gangster Chronicle

On my trip to London this weekend, I took a look at the Hip-Hop section of a HMV store and I happened to find this album... I don't have a clue if it's available at regular stores worldwide or if it's that rare (or probably pretty common), but I decided to buy it just because it's a CLASSIC. I also tried to find an album by another Old School hip-hop group called "Hijack" (props to 9@ for letting me know about him), but as usual, the employees didn't know shit about Hip-Hop, and after 5 minutes explaining how to spell the group name, I decided to give up, but expect a post about them soon.
Here's a great site with lots of info about this group, which is a pioneer of UK hip-hop. Enjoy.

1. Money Mad
2. Livin' Pancoot
3. Original London Style
4. Remedy For The Black Ash Blues
5. Jump Around
6. Sexy Gal
7. Gangster Chronical
8. Live Like The Other Half Do
9. Oversized Idiot
10. Tell Me Something
11. Jump Around
12. How's Life In London
13. Funky Rhyme, Funky Style
14. Pass Me The Rizla