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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

NY To The UK

Percee P ft. Tim Dog & Diversion Tactics - 2005 - Percekusion bw/ NY to the UK 12"
I don’t usually post singles, but I was looking for the Side B track for so long that when I finally found it I thought it would be selfish to keep it just for myself.
For the ones that don't know this artists: Tim Dog (mostly known for his "Fuck Compton diss back in the early 90's) and Percee P (some people may remember his name from J5's "A Day at the Races") are two rap vets who have been around for such a long time and never the recognition that they deserved, I don't know nothing about the British Diversion Tactics, but I they did a good job on the production, as well as in the mic.
Just read the Review.

Side 1

1. "Percekusion"
2. "Percekusion" (instrumental)
3. "Percekusion" (radio)

Side 2

1. "NY To The UK" (feat Tim Dog & Diversion Tactics)
2. "NY To The UK" (instrumental)
3. "NY To The UK" (radio - feat Tim Dog & Diversion Tactics)

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