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Monday, September 25, 2006

Fort Apache

Camp Lo - Fort Apache (The Mixtape Album)

The group who put out the classic album "Uptown Saturday Night" ten years ago is back with a new mixtape full of new material, it has a little more than 30 minutes long, but what it misses in time, it got in quality.
Make sure you check out their new album, when it comes out.
Props to Crooklyn and Travis for finding this album.

1. Suga Willie Intro
2. 82 Afros
3. Lo Lean
4. Digi Know
5. Suga Willie's Revenge
6. Zoom
7. 52
8. Gimmie Dat
9. Flawless (skit)
10. Suga Lo's Serenade
11. Suga Lo's Luv
12. I Couldn't Careless?
13. Ganja Lounge
14. Stone & Roberts
15. Good Green
16. Material
17. Bed Rock


Hot120 said...


Black Sphinx said...

Peace. Just caught hold of your site. It's pretty sick! I know it's been a good minute since you posted Camp-Lo's Fort Apache, but can you reup the joint. Been looking for it. Heard about it just 2 weeks ago. One

Liam said...

Yeh, please re-up Fort Apache, im really getting into to what ive heard so far. Thanks!