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Sunday, August 27, 2006

"Once upon a time, not long ago..."

I noticed that there are quite a few songs that are Remakes/Covers of this Ricky D classic, and when I saw his page on wikipedia I decided to collect them, here we go:

Original Song

Slick Rick - Children's Story


Black Star - Children's Story

Everlast - Children's Story

Tricky - Children's Story

Black Rob - Thug Story

Eminem - Can I Bitch

Ramson Badbones - Children's Story

Zeebra - Children's Story (Japanese) (thanks to tokyokid)

Mange Schmidt - Manges Godnattsaga (Swedish) (thanks to Fimpen)

All (doesn't include Zeebra's or Mange Schmidt's version) (the zip also includes the song "Doug E. Fresh & Slick Rick - Lodi Dodi" by mistake)

Wikipedia also said that Bjork covered that song, so if you know the name of it or any other Children's Story Covers, hit me up.


tokyokid said...

Japanese Hip Hop pioneer Zeebra covered the song, too.
Here's the link.

Kazeiro said...

Thanks tokyokid, I was missing that one

Phil Latio said...

5 Elementz - Yester Years EP -

Maybe im wrong, but i thought you were looking for it,so.....

Kazeiro said...

so.. you were right, many thanks

Fimpen said...

Swedish rapper Mange Schmidt has made a version of this song as well.


Ekko said...

Cool post. Well done.

alleyal said...

does this version count?

it's the everlast one off eat at whitey's.
it's generally the same except for a coupla words,
and rahzel does the kids voices, adlibs, and beat box..

alleyal said...

haha sorry to sound like an idiot,
but i was just listening to children's story,
and i just realized it's the same notes/bassline
that ghostface/ironman used for daytona 500!!
duh! i always wondered why that sounded familiar!! stoopid me.

Kazeiro said...

I don't think that daytona 500 counts as remake, It's too diferent.

Thanks for the alternative version of everlast! ;)

Anonymous said...

bjork's cover is on the tricky album nearly god. it's nearly good,

Anonymous said...


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