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Friday, August 18, 2006

The Lost Freestyle Files

Supernatural (2003) The Lost Freestyle Files
Supernatural, the God of the freestyle, the man who will be on the Guinness book because of his 9 hour freestyle, one of the most underrated mc’s ever. This album includes the songs that he made out of his album (S.P.I.T.), the most important freestyles and live performances of his carrier and battles against MC J.U.I.C.E. and Craig G that are undeniable hip-hop classics.

1. Internationally Known
2. Work It Out feat. Charli 2na, Akil & Wildchild
3. Victory feat. Wildchild
4. A Piece Of Hip Hop History Pt. 1 (Freestyle: Bobbito & Stretch - Supernatural's First-Ever Radio Appearance (Early 90's))
5. A Piece Of Hip Hop History Pt. 2 (Freestyle: Bobbito & Stretch)
6. Wake Up LA! (Freestyle: Sway & Tech Wake Up Show)
7. Clash Of The Titans (Freestyle Battle: Supernatural vs. Craig G)
8. Get Ready To Rumble (Freestyle Battle: Supernatural vs. Juice)
9. The Live Show (Freestyle: Supernatural Opens For Wu-Tang Clan) -
10. Supernatural & A-Butta (Freestyle: NYU)
11. Cosmic Slop
12. Suckaz feat. Vinnie Paz
13. Flashbacks
14. Victory (Oh No Remix)

You can find a link for S.P.I.T. somewhere here.


jags said...

Nice hideout you got here

Can you please upload the Lost Freestyle Files again? I tried the link but it got deleted cause of inactivity.

I'd really appreciate it, man.


Bhattacharya said...

ya me too !

Claudiahlxp said...

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