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Friday, August 11, 2006

The Best of Lauryn Hill Vol. 1


J. Period [2005] The Best of Lauryn Hill Volume 1 (Fire)

This is a rap phenomenom style mixtape, all the best verses and songs from Lauryn remixed with the hottest beats around (from Black Star to Damian Marley) and some produced by J.Period, also includes some live performances never heard before, definitely worth checking out if you're a Lauryn/Fugees fan.

Welcome: The Passion
The Reintroduction F. Rohan Marley
Lost Ones (J.Period Soundclash Remix)
Lost Ones (J.Period Definition Remix)
Vocab Interlude
Nas On Lauryn Hill
If I Ruled The World
If I Ruled The World (J.Period Lost Tapes Remix)
Keep It Tight F. Dj Skribble
On Poetry (Interlude)
Family Business
Year Of The Dragon F. Wyclef
The Score
Meeting The Fugees Interlude
Nappy Heads (Remix)
Flex Freestyle (J.Period Remix)
Black Thought Interlude
Doo Wop (J.Period Atliens Remix)
Doo Wop (J.Period Books Remix)
Sweetest Thing (Mahogany Remix)
Mahogany F. John Forte (J.Period Remix)
Ready For The Show
Ready Or Not F. Biggie (J.Period Exclusive Remix)
Message Music (Interlude)
Recognition F. Wyclef (Panther)
Rumble In The Jungle F. Q-Tip & John Forte (Remix Produced By J.Period)
Refugees In Sweden Interlude (Live Exclusive)
‘96 Uk Freestyle (Unreleased)
How Many Mics
How Many Mics (J.Period Truth Remix)
Buju Banton Interlude
Killing A Soundboy F. Buju Banton + Steele (World Premiere! Remix Prod. By J.Period)
Strictly Roots Interlude (Live Exclusive)
Watch Out For Babylon Freestyle (J.Period Jamrock Remix)
You Have To Respect Jersey (J.Period Exclusive)
Allies (F. Wise Intelligent)
Cowboys F. Fugees, Outsidaz & Rah Digga
Bam Bam Interlude (Prod. By J.Period)
Fu Gee La (Sly & Robbie Remix)
Ex-Factor (Simple Breakdown) (J.Period Headache Remix)
Simple Breakdown (J.Period Respiration Remix)
Change Comes Eventually Interlude
Everything Is Everything
Bonus: Soon As I Get Home (Live In Sweden)

UPDATE 8/2007: Re-Upped


Anonymous said...

thanks for the downloands, do you have the Best of Lauryn Hill vol 2, I've been looking for it forever.

emdee said...

please upload -

Kazeiro said...

Anonymous - I'm finishing downloading vol.2 from soulseek, then I'll post it ;)

emdee - here's the albumbase link that I downloaded from

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Czr said...

I have been looking for these 2 albums since forever! Thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

Can you Re-up the two Lauryn Hill Mixtape albums on the site? They seem to be down.

Anonymous said...

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