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Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Legacy Continues

Ultra [1997] Big Time: The Legacy Continues

Ultra was a rap duo consisting of Kool Keith (formerly of rap group, Ultramagnetic MC's) and Tim Dog who had previously appeared on past Ultramagnetic songs and famous for his song "Fuck Compton". They only released one album together, Big Time, although Kool Keith got quite a good carrier with his hundreds of Aliases, Tim Dog’s releasing his comeback album “BX Warrior” this year.

1. Selling My DATS's (intro)
2. Super Luv
3. NYC Street Corner Battle
4. Big Time
5. Bitin' My Space Shit (skit)
6. Get Off The Dick
7. Who Rocks?
8. Peeping Tom (skit)
9. Private Eyes
10. The Industry Is Wack
11. Moving Out The Projects? (skit)
12. Keep It Real… Represent
13. Ain't Nobody Happenin' feat. Motion Man
14. Fat Lady
15. Visit To The Zoo (skit)
16. Bizarre
17. No Face
18. To The Real Ultra Fans (outro)
I got a request for y'all, if you got it, hit me up:
Dream Warriors - Anthology: A Decade of Hits 1988-1998

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bx warrior is out