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Monday, August 14, 2006

The Catalog

Shyheim (2004) The Catalog 1994-2004
The youngest member of the Wu-Tang Clan, back in ’94, by the time he released his first album, “A.K.A. The Rugged Child”, he was only 15 but his lyrics impressed the Wu Fam, and other Legends like Big Daddy Kane, 2Pac and Biggie, this is like his best of, a great album full of classic songs like “Jiggy Comin”, “On & On”, “Show & Prove” or “Furious Anger”, a must download for every rap fan.

Freestyle (feat. IMF Blue)
Crime Story (feat. Lord Superb)
What Makes The World Go Round (feat. Smoothe Da Hustler, Trigga Da Gambler, Rubbabandz & DV Alias Khrist)
Young Godz (feat. Raekwon, RZA, Rubbabandz, 9th Prince & Killa Sin)
Shaolin Style (feat. Method Man & Squig Trust)
Show & Prove (feat. Scoob Lover, Sauce Money, Big Daddy Kane, Ol Dirty Bastard & Jay-Z)
Exclusive Interview / Unconditional Love (feat. Ray J)
Exclusive Interview
Exclusive Interview
Live At The Garden (feat. Notorious B.I.G. & 2Pac)
Jiggy Comin
Let's Chill (feat. 702)
Furious Anger (feat. Big L)
5 Elements (feat. GP Wu)
Exclusive Interview / Freestyle (feat. GZA & RZA)
Screw On The Silencers
Bring The Drama (feat. GP Wu)
My Brothers Keeper (feat. Method Man)
Manchild (feat. Tekitha)
On & On


Sixer said...

can be recommended

bankhead said...

I got his shit on Vinyl. He should be dropping a new album this year. or next year

Kazeiro said...

He fell off, I didn't like his last album, his shit was better when he was a kid, but I'll listen to the new album of course

9@home said...

If anyone wants any of his albums in full, let me know. I have

Shyheim - aka The Rugged Child (1994)
Shyheim - Manchild (2001)
Shyheim - The Greatest Story Never Told (2004)
Shyheim - The Lost Generation (1996)

Holler. :)

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