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Saturday, November 04, 2006


Decompoze (2007) Decomposition (Promo)

Here's something that came to my attention this week. Decompoze first emerged on the scene on Binary Star's Water World/Masters of the Universe (one of the best rap albums ever). His natural talent for both writing and producing was made evident when he began turning heads with his musical style and lyrical impact on the underground anthem “Indy 500.”2006 is set to bring Decompoze's long anticipated solo debut album, Decomposition. With features by some of underground hip-hops most talented artist, J.U.I.C.E, One Be Lo, as well as, Elzhi of Slum Village, KT and Buff 1 of AML, and all the members of the Subterraneous crew. Giving his fans the ultimate interpretation of what Subterraneous and its music is all about. All fans of Hip-Hop can agree on one thing, Decompoze embodies the true essence of real Hip-hop. And for you hip hop addicts another sub classic.
By the way, the album is Promo but it doesn't have those annoying promo messages. It's just not mastered yet.

01. Decomposition
02. Lap2 (Feat One Be Lo)
03. Mica (Phone Check)
04. Same Song
05. All Out (Feat Juice, Invisible, Majestic Legend, On Be Lo and Elzhi)
06. Take A Stand (Feat Modac)
07. Brand Nu (Feat Buff1 & Illite)
08. Good Vibe (Feat 14KT)
09. Heart Of Tha Matter
10. React (Feat Zhao-Ski)
11. Chocolate Shake (Feat Octane)
12. Don't Stop, Don't Quit
13. We Over Here (Feat Octane, Illite, & One Be Lo)
14. Freakin Flo's (Feat One Be Lo)
15. Indy 500
16. Outro

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