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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Quannum Spectrum

VA - 1999 - Quannum Spectrum

Quannum Spectrum is a compilation album produced, mixed and otherwised created by artists and groups associated with the Quannum Projects record label.
In addition to contributions by Quannum-based groups, the album features guest spots by Jurassic 5, Divine Styler, Souls of Mischief, and El-P. It also includes intermission cuts "hosted by" former Solesides DJ Mack B-Dog.

1. "Concentration" (Quannum MCs meet Jurassic 5)
2. "One of a Kind" (Blackalicious)
3. "Storm Warning" (Latyrx)
4. "Divine Intervention" (Divine Styler with DJ Shadow)
5. "Mic Break" (Mack B-Dog with Gift of Gab)
6. "Golden Rule" (Maroons)
7. "People Like Me" (Joyo Velarde)
8. "I Changed My Mind" (Lyrics Born & Poets of Rhythm)
9. "The Extravaganza" (Quannum MCs & Souls of Mischief)
10. "Hott People" (Lyrics Born)
11. "Looking Over a City" (Latyrx featuring El-P)
12. "Jada's Vengeance" (Blackalicious with Maroons and Joyo Velarde)
13. "Mic Break 2" (Chief Xcel)
14. "Bombonyall" (Quannum MCs)
15. "Mic Break 3"
16. “Always Fine Tuning” (Lyrics Born With Dan The Automator)


Anonymous said...

thanks heaps for this man, been really getting into the quannum artists lately, pigeon johns new album is pretty good, lateef & the chief hav an awesome album out...thanks for this one

Anonymous said...

Up, dude!

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