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Monday, November 06, 2006


Tech N9ne (2006) Everready (The Religion)
(Collectors Edition)

Coming from Kansas City, Tech N9ne delivers one of the most talented flows and lyrics of nowadays, known for his ability to speed-rap, and for his dark, almost psychotic and suicidal subject matter.
His new album is one of the best that I’ve heard this year, straight fire from the beginning to the end.
The album includes bonus collector's edition CD that contains 14 songs from The Strange Music camp.

1. "Enter Everready (B.L.E.S.T.)"
2. "Riot Maker (Enjoy)" (featuring Skatterman, Snug Brim)
3. "No Can Do" (featuring Big Krizz Kaliko)
4. "Welcome to the Midwest" (featuring Big Krizz Kaliko)
5. "Bout Ta' Bubble"
6. "It's What You Thinkin'"
7. "Night and Day (T.E.C.H. Radio)"
8. "Jellysickle" (featuring E-40)
9. "Caribou Lou"
10. "Hood Connection, Strange Commercial"
11. "My Wife, My Bitch, My Girl"
12. "Flash (Your Decent)"
13. "Come Gangsta"
14. "Melancholy Maze" (My World Intro)
15. "My World" (featuring Brotha Lynch Hung, Dalima)
16. "Running out of Time (Root)"
17. "The Rain (Welcome Back, Party Hard)" (featuring Alyia, Reign Yates)
18. "Fuck'em Girl" (featuring Big Krizz Kaliko, Kutt Calhoun)
19. "The Beast"
20. "This Is Me" (Goodbye)

Bonus Disc

1. "Intro"
2. "That Owl"
3. "In My Head"
4. "Groupie"
5. "Rock Like That" (Critical Bill)
6. "Shouting" (Critical Bill)
7. "Don't Blame Me" (Skatterman & Snug Brim)
8. "Run" (Skatterman & Snug Brim)
9. "Whip It" (Kutt Calhoun)
10. "Playa Like Me" (Kutt Calhoun)
11. "Trapped" (Project Deadman)
12. "Holy War" (Project Deadman)
13. "Let It Go" (Big Krizz Kaliko)
14. "Need" (Big Krizz Kaliko)
15. "Little Pills" (Kabosh)


Tracks 1-17(CD1)
Tracks 18(CD1)-12(CD2)
Tracks 13-15(CD2)


BiffReagle said...

bahh.. i hate this prick... hehe sorry, i felt compelled to say that..

bankhead said...

I can't believe he choose Bout Ta' Bubble as his single, i didn't buy it on vinyl 12" caus it's crap. the rest of the album is alright though

Kazeiro said...

biff - aahhaha, I know he isn't for everyone, I was never a big fan of 9 untill I heard this new album, some songs here are incredable

bankhead - Yeah, Bout Ta' Bouble sucks, there are songs way better than it. He's trying to blow up with that crappy club song. He could have used "Riot Maker" or "Come Gangsta for example"


lol anyone have the lyrics for his part in little pills by kabosh?

.. the best song is this is me in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Here's Tech's verse for "Little Pills", and I agree, "This is Me" is probably the best track on the album.

(Tech N9ne)
Let's find a way to run away from life full of pain and strife
What direction I'm goin I can't tell now
Mr. 720 N9na tells me I'm hellbound
The IRS is on my ass for the check that I didn't cash
And the levy from child support feel like I fell down
So I'm lookin for ecstacy pills, Tech is the next to be thrilled
Seconds from method we ill daily
My brain's cookin the recipe will beckon the best in me kill
Sections of steppin I feel crazy
Hit the club in the night, with a little bit of drug in my life
But I'ma show lovin in real hy--phy I'm deliverin
Put my seed out my sight, separated from my wife
In the middle of a crisis, I'm high, shakin and shiverin
Rollin balls, I'm elated I'm goin dumb now
Drinkin liquor, I'm faded and havin fun now
Loaded gun and I'm trippin with everyone around
Keep me stuck in the sky I never wanna come down

Anonymous said...



Your all faggots if u don't like tecca nina

Anonymous said...

there isnt one bad song on any of Tech N9nes cd's