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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Endtroducing..... DJ Shadow

DJ Shadow [1996] Endtroducing.....

This album is different from my usually posts but I couldn’t leave it behind, it’s more electronic than Hip-Hop, but believe me, it’s a masterpiece.
Endtroducing..... is the first studio album by DJ Shadow, and it’s known for being built entirely from samples of other audio, such as hip hop, jazz, funk, psychedelia, old television shows, interviews, and percussion tracks. The album has been cited in the Guinness World Records as being the first album created completely from sampled sources. In case you aren't convinced, check the reviews at the end of the post.

Best Foot Forward
Building Steam With a Grain of Salt
The Number Song
Changeling/Transmission 1
What Does Your Soul Look Like, Part 4
" "
Stem/Long Stem/Transmission 2
Mutual Slump
Organ Donor
Why Hip Hop Sucks in '96
Midnight in a Perfect World
Napalm Brain/Scatter Brain
What Does Your Soul Look Like, Part 1: Blue Sky Revisit


ariel said...

GREAT!!! Kazeiro you realy got me into all the great music out there...without you i would have been stuck with Mos Def and Eminem...BIG THX!! this one absoloutly a classic!

Kazeiro said...

Thanks man, that what the blog comunity if for ;)

donny said...

Greatest album of all time

cherish it

OnPoint said...

love this album, been in my collection for shadow puts on a mad performance, one of the greatest concerts ive ever been to (featured Mos Def as well)

Anonymous said...

i hope you don't mind if i use your little idea that shows the album reviews :p

Michael said...

I've had this album for a long time, truly a classic