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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Here to Save You All

Chino XL (1996) Here to Save You All

Years before Eminem began outraging parents and pop stars alike with his brutally funny lyrics, New Jersey's Chino XL was already making the musical world safe for brainy, tasteless battle-rappers with his enormously promising but little-remembered debut, 1996's Here to Save You All. Chino is both smart and eccentric, and uses his razor-sharp wit to lyrically dismember everyone from Will Smith to Magic Johnson to Chubb Rock. The same overbearing force of personality that makes Chino a hero to some will undoubtedly turn off others, but for the most part, Here to Save You All is one of the most distinctive and underrated debuts in hip-hop history. text jacked from allmusic.

1. Here To Save You All
2. Deliver
3. No Complex
4. Partner To Swing
5. It's All Bad
6. Freestyle Rhymes
7. Riiiot! Feat. Ras Kass
8. Waiting To Exhale feat. Gravitation
9. What Am I?
10. Feelin' Evil Again
11. Thousands
12. Kreep
13. Many Different Ways
14. The Shabba-Doo Conspiracy feat. Kool Keith
15. Ghetto Vampire
16. Rise

Chino XL is working on his new album, but he said that this one was going to be commercial, and the songs that came out till now completly suck, except this one: Chino XL - Tap Dance (ft. Crooked I)

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KrayzieNyce said...

I still havent heard this album yet ... but I've been looking for it for a long time. Is there anyway anyone can re-up this link :) I would def appreciate it.