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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

You Can't Stop the Prophet

Over the years, many great MC’s rapped over DJ Premier’s beats. Besides Guru, rappers from KRS-One, Rakim, Jay-Z, Nas, Common, Mos Def, Freddie Foxxx, MOP to Notorious B.I.G. (check this site for a complete list) spitted over Primo’s material, but no one, and I mean NO ONE has ever done it like Jeru The Damaja, his unique flow, voice, delivery and lyrics were, well… unique, and some of the best Primo’s beats ever done are here, in these two masterpieces, which are on Illmatic level.
It’s sad that after this two albums, Jeru decided to leave Primo and start producing himself, because his next two albums aren’t that great.
One year ago I posted Jeru’s debut, but since the link’s dead and I was going to post Wrath of the Math, I decided to post The Sun Rises in The East again.

Jeru The Damaja (1994)
The Sun Rises in The East

1 Intro (Life)
2 D. Original
3 Brooklyn Took It
4 Perverted Monks in Tha House (Skit)
5 Mental Stamina (ft. Afu-Ra)
6 Da Bichez
7 You Can't Stop the Prophet
8 Perverted Monks in Tha House (Theme)
9 Ain't the Devil Happy
10 My Mind Spray
11 Come Clean
12 Jungle Music
13 Statik
*All tracks produced by DJ Premier

Jeru The Damaja (1996)
Wrath of the Math

1. Wrath Of The Math
2. Tha Frustrated Nigga
3. Black Cowboys
4. Tha Bullshit
5. Whatever
6. Physical Stamina (ft. Afu-Ra)
7. One Day
8. Revenge Of The Prophet (Part 5)
9. Scientifical Madness
10. Not The Average
11. Me Or The Papes
12. How I'm Livin'
13. Too Perverted
14. Ya Playin' Yaself
15. Invasion
*All tracks produced by DJ Premier

And as a bonus, here is a pack with some miscellaneous Jeru’s tracks:

Bounty Killer - Suicide Murder (HipHop Mix) (feat. Jeru)
Grooveman Spot - 1,2,3,4 (feat. Jeru)
Ya Playin Yaself (Single Version)
Gangstarr - I'm The Man (Feat. Jeru and Lil Dap)
Gangstarr - Speak Ya Clout (Feat. Jeru and Lil Dap)
Digable Planets - Graffiti (feat. Jeru)
DJ Honda - El Presidente (feat. Jeru)
Frank N Dank - Worldwide (feat. Jeru)
Me, Not The Paper (Remix)
Jeru & Afu-Ra - East New York Stamp [Prod. By RZA]


peterk said...

Great stuff, thanks. Had these jacked a long time ago...This makes it better

Still Rising said...

Jeru is dope! Buy his albums!

Ass Hat said...

good call. jeru should have been on 'where are they now'. after all, where is he now?

Anonymous said...

i've been bumping these 2 cds for 3 days straight.

can't get enough.

RipTheJacker said...

Wrath of the Math is still one of my favorites. What's new with primo and guru lately? anything scheduled?

Kazeiro said...

Primo says that they haven't broken up, but Guru says that he doesn't want to work with Primo no more... he's working with his new shitty "superproduced" Solar on the Jazzmatazz 4.

Primo has some projects sheduled, incluiding an album with Royce Da 5'9 and an EP with Kool G Rap.
He's also producing one(or more) track for Canibus new mixtape.

RipTheJacker said...

I hope Guru smartens up and gets back with Primo. Canibus is a tight lyricist and I would like to hear what he can do with Primo on the beats.

Except the thing is I was really feeling some stuff of his new mixtape, whatever the name was, I forgot. The album wasnt very memorable.

ali shaheed said...

He controls the Mic like FIdel Castro!
Jeru the Damaja is on my list of the 5 best Emcee who ever touch a mic.
THese two CD are CLASSICS!!! I cannot imagine that i could lose these two albums, too many memories.

YOu don't have it go buy it!

Before i past away i would like to hear another Jeru & Primo collaboration

Peace man for this add.

Vinyl4Giants said...

How soon for a re-up!?! Thanx. Peace!