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Saturday, February 17, 2007

De La Rare EP

De La Soul (1994) Clear Lake Audiotorium E.P

Clear Lake Audiotorium is a rare six track promo EP by De La Soul given out to A-list DJ's in 1994. It is comprised of four tracks from their album, Buhloone Mindstate, as well as two non-album tracks--"Sh.Fe.Mc's" featuring A Tribe Called Quest, and "Stix & Stonz" featuring The Fearless Four, Grandmaster Caz , and Prince Whipper Whip.

01. In The Woods
02. I Am I Be
03. Sh.Fe.Mcs (f. A Tribe Called Quest)
04. Patti Dooke
05. I Be Blowin
06. Stix and Stonz (f. Fearless Four, Grandmaster Caz, Prince Whipper Whip)


geologos said...
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Anonymous said...

kaziero has dandruff...

ps. Thank you

-concerned hater

KINGGS said...

Thanks for this man, you always provide the rares.

Murder Of Soul said...

thx you very much, I love De La Soul

BiffReagle said...

awesomeeeee.. thats a goddam nice find!!

ariel said...

Not realy loving De La Soul ( pls dont kill me) but this was pretty good...keep it up kazeiro!!

Anonymous said...