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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

For My Peoples

Kollabo Brothers (2006) For My Peoples

Another Old Scool tribute: For My Peoples album is delicated to the rap listeners in all over the planet Earth from the old school to the new skool, old school heads like Tim Dog and Grandmaster Caz and, semi old school heads like Paris, Diamond D or Afu-Ra and modern Hip-Hop heads like Zion. What more can I say?

01. Intro ft. Craig G
02. No Equal ft. Craig G
03. For My Peoples ft. Donald D
04. Way Back ft. Tim Dog
05. Watch The Game ft. The Gambit
06. Lovin" This Shit ft. Afu-Ra
07. My Flows To Blow ft. Diamond D
08. Hip Hop Blues ft. Grandmaster Caz
09. Two Kool Brothers
10. I Got Soul ft. Zion (of Zion I)
11. Words I Wrote ft. Paris
12. Glad To Be Me ft. B.I.
13. My Melody ft. B.O.Dubb
14. Im a Real Emcee ft. Donald D
15. Outro


Anonymous said...

good stuff

shaoline said...

There are a lot of good artists

Viton said...

Phat Post....Come to expect that from this site....keep it /