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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Straight Coonin'

Dras [2007] Straight Coonin'

A few days ago, a guy that gave me a major help on my Pharoahe Monch discog, sent me this mixtape from his artist Dras, from Th3rd Eye Music. The album's main theme is about hip-hop's current state and how dumb the mainstream cats act, it's a little repetitive sometimes, but it's still interesting and worth checking out.

01 Aye (Intro)
02 Whun To Three
03 B.O.M.Y.
04 Exact
05 Catfish
06 Chicken?
07 Soulmatic
08 The Coon Premonition
09 The Coon Over
10 Just A Moment
11 What Is..."Cooning"?
12 Hanging From The Platform
13 Puppet Of Society
14 iRap
15 Wait A Minute
16 The Last Rose

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Anonymous said...

Thrd eye Music, wo they are really tring to copy hiero...and plus whats with the name, he mide as well use n word

Jay said...

This cat just wasted 16 dope beats,i mean the sound horrible,his flow is fucked up & his simple uninspiring rhymes are a bit boring!

The only thing dope about this album is the album's concept & the production,this project should have been done by a dope mcee!

And the songs tend 2 be a bit repetitive!