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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Center Of Attention

InI (1995) Center Of Attention [Produced by Pete Rock]

Another forgotten jazzy classic, by group formed by Rob O and Grap Luva, fully produced by the one and only Pete Rock. What more do I need to say?

1. Intro (H.I.M.)
2. No More Words
3. Step Up
4. Think Twice
5. Square One
6. Life I Live
7. Kross Roads
8. To Each His Own (feat. Q-Tip and Large Pro)
9. Fakin' Jax
10. What You Say
11. Props
12. Center Of Attention
13. Grown Man Sport
14. Mind Over Matter
15. Don't You Love It
16. Microphonist Wanderlust


ariel said...

wow i realy like this one!! didn't know they exsist....great up...enjoying every minute of it

Anonymous said...

Incredible album!

Anyone should get this, no doubt!!!

ali shaheed said...

yo Good looking out Man!!
Dope Beats, Dope lyrics. 5/5

"Kross-Roads" is probably the best song i ever heard.


ps: I.N.I was Rob-O, Grap-Luva, Ras-G, and Marco Polo (not the producer!!)
The band still exists as InI Mighty lockdown but only Ras-G remains from the original band.

Anonymous said...

Yo luvn this rare download any chance you could source the other 1995 underground album produced by god Pete. Artist is Deda album called 'The Original Baby Pa.' Cher

Anonymous said...

Great post... do you know anything about Pete Rock's other production from "Hip Hop Underground Soul Classics", "The Original Baba Pa" by Deda?


toeknee said...

one of my fav albums. no doubt

Kazeiro said...

I just downloaded Deda's album... will up it soon

Hugo the Dude said...

I love this album.. Fakin' Jax is definetley a forgotten classic. Nice up.

Anonymous said...

I had no idea this existed, Great Shit!

Anonymous said...

thanks dude, it's a very good album

Anonymous said...

do you guys live on the moon?! This album has been bootlegged numerous times and it was even released officially by BBE together with the Deda album. Kill yourselves, biatches

Anonymous said...

yes they exist as ini Mighty Lockdown and Marco Polo, now known as Jolomite is still with the group.

Anonymous said...

one of the greatest albums of all time. no doubt. props.

solomon said...

how do you download it? whats the textfile link?rapidshire?

cratedigger23 said...

a masterpiece ...