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Monday, May 07, 2007

Contemporary Jeep Music

Da King & I (1993) Contemporary Jeep Music

I found this album a couple of days on a blog called From Da Bricks, claiming to be "The Most Underrated Album Of All Time", so I downloaded it, and I loved. I wonder how I hadn't heard it before, because it's without a doubt a forgotten east-coast classic. Just check the reviews at Amazon.

1) Intro (Contemporary Jeep Music)
2) Let's Take a Trip
3) Flip da Scrip
4) Interlude 1 (MC A$$h*le)
5) Krak da Weazel
6) Interlude 2 (Amusement Park)
7) Brain 2 U
8) Tears
9) Soul Shack Interlude
10) Ghetto Instinct
11) Mr. All That
12) Interlude 3 (Jazz Skit)
13) This is How We Do
14) Interlude 4 (Izzy Sings da Blues)
15) Lost My Mind
16) Represent
17) Crack da Weasel (Dat Other S***)
18) What's Up Doc


Dan Love said...

Glad you enjoyed it. As you say, it's difficult to understand why more people don't know about it becuase it really is a classic album.

Keep up the good work fella


Lady Larri said...

not "The Most Underrated Album Of All Time" to me, but still a classic album.

thanks for the link

ariel said...

yep...this is absoloutly a of my favorites

Anonymous said...

yo i forgot about this! i remember me and my homie talking about their video back in high school.. good looking on uploading it..

Anonymous said...

wha...some faggot reported the link? it was a fuckin text file fer fuk sakes


oh well got iton wax anyways
too lazy to rip it tho

Anonymous said...

THIS was one of my favorite album off the nineties,the album is flawless and timeless, I was rockin to it the other day... definite gem,real production,