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Saturday, May 05, 2007

The Original Baby Pa

Deda (1995) The Original Baby Pa [Produced by Pete Rock]
As requested, another forgotten '95 Pete Rock produced album, if you liked InI's album, check this one.

1. Everyman
2. Baby Pa
3. How I'm Livin'
4. Blah Uno
5. Can't Wait
6. I Originate
7. Markd4death
8. Nasty Scene
9. Nothing More
10. Press Rewind
11. Rhyme Writer
12. Too Close
13. Understand?


ariel said...

Damn!! how many albums did he produced in those years?!

Anonymous said...

HIGHLY recommended!

anyone should GET this

Anonymous said...

Amazing - Soooooo Good

Lady Larri said...

this is one my fav albums produced by pete rock, great choice