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Monday, January 08, 2007

Roadkill Overcoat

Busdriver (2007) Roadkill Overcoat

Brand new album from Busdriver , an alternative hip-hop MC known for his staccato, jazzy, free-association rap and electronic, and the eccentric personality he expresses through it. Don’t expect the typical rap album, but yes a great hip-hop/electronic fusion.

1. Casting Agent And Cowgirls
2. Less Yes's. More No's
3. Kill Your Employer (Recreational Paranoia Is The Sport Of Now)
4. Ethereal Driftwood
5. Secret Skin
6. Sun Showers
7. Go Slow
8. Troglodyte Wins, The
9. Pompous Posies! Your Party's No Fun
10. (Bloody Paw On The) Kill Floor
11. Mr. Mistakes
12. Dream Catcher's Mitt


Anonymous said...

Damn! I didn't even know dude had a new album coming! Props for sure.

3mc33 Rizox said...

I really enjoyed his previous work...lets see if this one its dope as well...

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