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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Portuguese Rap #1 – Black Company

I’ve been wanting to do this post for quite a while, but laziness always go the best of me, and finding info about the old school groups isn’t easy, and of course there are those classic albums that I also can’t find.

As I said before, Rapública was a Landmark for Portuguese rap, and most of the artists who were featured on that compilation, released solo albums, a lot are nowadays forgotten by most of people. I’ll post some of my favorites:

Coming from Miratejo, Black Company released the first big hit on the Portuguese Hip-Hop scene, and the first video, “Nadar” from Rapública.

Black Company were:

KJB(DJ) (who was replaced by DJ Soon)

They released an album in 1995 called “Geração Rasca”, but unfortunately, the rip of the album that I own is protected with a wma licence, and the quality is pretty shitty, so I can’t find a way to convert it. “Filhos da Rua” is definitely on of my favorites, it has good beats, story-telling songs (“Tony” in particular, the story of a psychopath), party songs, deep songs, great scratches and the “Skills” skits, that contain freestyle battles. Classic.

Black Company (1998) Filhos da Rua

01.Intro (Depois da Tempestade, o Flavor)
04.Skills DJ (There Is No Competition)
05.Chico Dread
07.Julieta & Romeu
08.Skills 1
09.Inveja (Interlúdio Gutto)
11.Skills 2
12.Império da Calçada
13.Meu People (Interlúdio Bambino)
14.Anjo Vingador
16.+ Principalmente (Interlúdio Makkas)
17.Genuíno (com Boss AC)
18.Skills DJ (There Is No Competition)
20.Skills 3

I have some Requests for my portuguese fellas, if anyone has any of this albums from back in the day, please rip it for me, so I can share it with everyone,

Black Company - Geração Rasca
General D – Kanimambo
Djamal - Abram Espaço


atroC.T.X.Z.B.tion said...

great stuff,i definitely love this blog. i lived in portugal one year but unfortunatly i listened no hip hop down there. wish i could help you but i got nothing. bye! s

3mc33 Rizox said...

Nice!!! And very useful indeed.

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Bill said...

Happy new year!

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Mark said...

Hey yo, I'm from Portugal...Rapublica was, no doubt, the underground hip hop boom here in Portugal. I'll try upload it for you and for main users.

Michael said...

i'm searching for all spanish and portuguese rap.. who got some? holla:

Anonymous said...

hey wassup post please black company - geraçao rasca and General D - Kanimambo

inMotion said...

any chance of getting this album Geração Rasca back to download? Because I can't find it anywhere, let alone buying it!

Much appreciated

Anonymous said...

My boss used to be in a rap crew or whatever in portugal and then they broke up. He moved to the uk then. He's never told me his band name but his name is acacio moreno or pio - dont think a.moreno is his bit name coz you guys have crazy long names. Like what you're doin' on this site btw!

Anonymous said...

I remember Pio. Tell him about Emanuel (I worked with him in Fnac), the name of the band was Líderes da Nova Mensagem (Leaders of the New Message) - South Side (of the river) like most of the initial bands.íderes_da_Nova_Mensagem

slb said...

I have Geração Rasca, Filhos da Rua and Rápublica. If anyone is interested I'll upload them inmotiondesign[.at.]gmail[.dot.]com

slb said...

Filhos da Rua (62.7mb)

slb said...

Geração Rasca (96.26mb)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I have to hear just what Florence will say about this :)

Anonymous said...

Hello!I'm from Portugal! I can put more portuguese albuns if you want or say some names of good portuguese mc's!
I also would like to ask...does anyone have "Abram espaço", from Djamal?