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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Return of the DJ Vol. 3

Return of The DJ Vol. 3 [1999]

1. All Points Bulletin - Mr. Dibbs
2. Return of the DJ - DJ Faust
3. Rockstar II - Z-Trip
4. Return of Scratching - DJ Talkback
5. Brothers Grim Sideshow - DJ Bombjack,
6. Mood Swing - Furious
7. Science Friction - DJ Shiro
8. Brain Confusion
9. Shortee's Return - Shortee
10. Unorthodox Turntabular Angels - Manifest,
11. Cold Cutz
12. Doo Doo on Yourself - DJ T-Rock
13. Deedz in da Mix
14. Never Be the Same - DJ Design



Michał said... are the greatest :)

a-one said...

thanks for hooking these up

Anonymous said...

Plz Reupp it again!!!

Da Don said...

Sorry but its down again! Reupp plz!!!! thx

Anonymous said...

vol. 3 is DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLZ HOOK IT UP MASTERMIND! MAAAJOR thx for the other uploads bro! appreciate it like you dont know!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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