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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Jazz Council

Sinuous Productions (2007) The Jazz Council

Brand new record for my Jazz-Rap heads.

1. Street Musicians
2. All The Finest Things
3. Watcha Step
4. Up In The Spot
5. Keep It Moving
6. Analyze Da Prize
7. Try To Knock My Hustle
8. Fiend For A Pen
9. One For The Money
10. No Introduction
11. Baby Please Come Home
12. Thats Bad
13. Make Way
14. Mixed Emotions
15. Everybody
16. "We Came Here To Get Down, "
17. Whispers From The Dark
18. Jazz Tribute (Secret Track)


Anonymous said...

Fuck you rapdungeon, i never will visit your site again. I don t use text files

adrm said...

wot a dikk, try reading the txt file for the d/l link. rtard

pj said...


Big Fonz said...

Ahahahahaha! What fuckin idiot. That is hilarious.

Skalp said...

thanks so much, it's good to hear such a great album!

Anonymous said...

Sorry now i understand the textfile down loading. Sorry, i am somethimes to explosive! But the badest thing is that the Brother ali post is not aviable animore. I will cry...

bakou said...

the link is dead pleaz re-upload it !!

Anonymous said...

wena men el medio peaso de disko
goood!!!!!!music jazzhop
the cerrillos n da house!!!!!!