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Friday, August 10, 2007

Return of the DJ Vol. 1

Return of the DJ Vol. 1 [1996]

I watched "Scratch" documentary last week and they mentioned this amazing album which I got from Biff's blog last year, I decided to post it and here's an excelent desciption from the review:

"This collection of hip-hop DJ routines marked the first serious effort to reintroduce the DJ as a true artist to hip-hop fans. In the fog of producer-heavy rap music from the Bad Boy and Death Row camps that dominated listeners' ears in the mid 1990s, Return of the DJ is a refreshing shot of oxygen. [...] You won't even miss the MCs."

1. Death Of Hip Hop - Kool DJ E.Q.
2. Ghetto On The Cut - DJ Ghetto
3. Rob Get's Busy - Rob Swift
4. The Bomb Drops - Jeep Beat Collective
5. Scratch Monopoloy Pt.II - Beat Junkies
6. Invasion Of The Octopus People - Invisible Scratch Pickles
7. U Can Get With The Discs Or U Can Get With Dat - Z-Trip
8. The Chronicles (I Will Always Love H.E.R) - Peanut Butter Wolf
9. Terrorwrist (Beneath The Under) - Mixmaster Mike
10. The Track - Asap Productions
11. Lesson 4: The Radio - Cut Chemist
12. Suckas (Sucka Dj Dis) - DJ Babu

Drop a comment if you want me to post the other volumes.


Johnny said...

Hey Kaz, you should have watched «Scratch» sooner! That doc. it's dope back to back. classic.
There's also a great doc. by Peter Spirer, «the M.C. : why we do it». Check it out, you'll definitely enjoy it.
Keep up with the outstanding rapdungeon.

Michał said...

thans I was searching this album...I saw scretch 2 ;D..,good job, this blog is the goat

Michał said...

That is me again.I realy want you to post the other volumes-please :D

Julius said...

good shit props for htis

klemen said...

great stuff - download is text document , why?? please repair that

Anonymous said...

please reup

christian said...

GREAT COLLECTION! us over 30 listeners appreciate your posts

Hermes said...

Thanks a lot for that album. Just listened to a snippet of it a MOG ( and that really got me searching for this. Keep it up.

Tom Da Don said...

Please reup them all again. Somehow they are all deletetd. Would be very happy... THX 4 ALL THE OTHER GREAT STUFF

Anonymous said...

reupp plz, down again

CVAJ said...

Yo any chance you could re up?! Really keen to give it a spin and its down...

Would be much appreciated! And the other volumes is they're any good??