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Monday, April 02, 2007

Urban Species

Urban Species (1994) Listen

Urban Species are a London rap outfit on the UK acid-jazz label Talking Loud. One listen to the album and it's easy to see why; their mix of live instrumentation and samples owes more to the laid-back jazz-funk shuffle of UK bands like Galliano and the James Taylot Quartet than to hardcore US-rap exponents such as Public Enemy.
The music capitalizes nicely on its jazz-funk base to take in gentle forays into reggae , swingbeat, 90's soul, Latin percussion, utilizes acoustic guitar on the title-track and even rock-guitar and P.E. style squeals on "Gotta Have It".
If you like the jazz inspired rap album I usually post, then you cannot miss this one.

1. Hide and seek
2. Gotta have it
3. Musikism
4. The ropes
5. Spiritual love
6. Just a matter of time
7. Listen (feat. MC Solaar)
8. The consequence
9. The experience
10. No particular title
11. Brother
12. Light at the end of the tunnel


ThaIgk said...

propz for this dope Urban Species album!!! do you have their "Blanket" album. Would really appreciate if you could post it as well. Thanks in advance!! Igor (from Ukraine).

9@home said...

Man, I used to play Spiritual Love and Listen for hours on end. Those were my jams. Saw them live once, truly beautiful music. Highly recommended.

Anonymous said...

what's the pass?

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