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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Undisputed Truth

Brother Ali (2007) The Undisputed Truth

In the year 2000, Brother Ali Joined Rhymesayers with a self-prroduced demo called Rites of Passage . Three years later Ali took the underground by storm with an undeniable stage presenceand his critically acclaimed debut full-length Shadows On The Sun . The impact was unquestionable and that next year Ali solidified his place amongst the independent Hip Hop elite with the release of 2004's The Champion EP .
Like deja vu, here we are three years later and Ali is ready to take the world by storm with his latest creation. After struggling through a series of personal roadblocks, from parting ways with his wife of 10 years, becoming homeless and trying to secure custody of his only son... Brother Ali along with Atmosphere producer and Shadows & Champion collaborator Ant , present the long awaited sophomore full-length album The Undisputed Truth . Personal, political and more powerful than ever, simply put, the truth is here.

1. "Watcha Got"
2. "Lookin' At Me Sideways"
3. "Truth Is"
4. "The Puzzle"
5. "Pedigree"
6. "Daylight"
7. "Freedom Ain't Free"
8. "Letter from the Government"
9. "Here"
10. "Listen Up"
11. "Take Me Home"
12. "Uncle Sam Goddamn"
13. "Walking Away"
14. "Faheem"
15. "Ear to Ear"

1 comment:

9@home said...

I've got all of his earlier material, and when the advance dropped in January, I was all over it. No disappointment at all. I know I'm gonna cop this for real.
Musically, it's clearly in a similar vein as Shadows on the Sun and Champions EP (Ant production, yeah.), lyrically it's even more brutally honest and personal, and, if you can listen to Faheem and not shed a little tear of sadness, your heart is made of tin. ;)
Support the guy, he's the truth...