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Friday, December 22, 2006

Spittin' Image

Block McCloud (2006) Spittin' Image

This album is around for a while, but I never gave it a listen, I only knew that Block Mc Cloud was on Brooklyn Academy and on Jedi Mind Tricks “Outlive The War”. When I listened to the album I was surprised because it’s one of the most slept on releases of 2006, the beats are bangers, the rhymes and the chorus are fresh, and the guestspots (Jean Grae in particular) are on point.

1. Isabella's First Skit
2. So Excited feat. War Bixby, Sean Price, Blanquito
3. Livin' For
4. The Dues feat. Jean Grae
5. Donnie Dipskit feat. Young Tae
6. Where's Brooklyn At? feat. War Bixby, Pumpkinhead, Mr. Met
7. Show U
8. The Haunted feat. China
9. All A Game feat. Jean Grae
10. Chaos
11. Masters Degree feat. Jean Grae, O.D., Pumpkinhead, Killah Priest
12. A Square Skit
13. Blockstar
14. Good Or Bad feat. Melody, Pumpkinhead
15. No You Won't feat. O.D.
16. White Noise Skit
17. Pick It Up feat. Melody, A.B.
18. Take Me Home feat. Pumpkinhead
19. My Soul’s In The Music

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Anonymous said...

Yo mann. Can't u opload D'angelo - Voodoo.. cant find it nowhere! please!