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Monday, December 11, 2006

Dream Warriors

Dream Warriors -
And Now The Legacy Begins

Part of the slew of grand early-'90s jazzy hip-hop releases that avoided tough criminal posing for inventive, witty lyrics and arrangements. As the duo plays around with any number of inspired samples and grooves, from jazz to harder-edged beats, with style and skill. The flow of King Lou and Capital Q, mostly the former, fits the stuttering, dramatic pace of the arrangement to a T, bringing an instant smile to the face and dance to the feet. The lead-off single, "Wash Your Face in My Sink," is nutty warning to a friend who doesn't have it all together about cleanliness set to a equally playful arrangement. Things aren't always pretty, though — "U Could Get Arrested" is a slamming attack on police racism delivered with belligerent panache. Throughout the album the Warriors show that they know their pop culture cold. As jazz-inspired producers and arrangers, the Warriors and their various studio assistants may not always be as perfectly smooth as A Tribe Called Quest or Guru, but the results are rarely anything but a joy to hear.
A classic that you don’t want to miss.

1. Mr. Bubbunut Spills His Guts
2. My Definition Of A Boombastic Jazz Style
3. Follow Me Not
4. Ludi
5. U Never Know A Good Thing Till U Lose It
6. And Now The Legacy Begins
7. Tune From The Missing Channel
8. Wash Your Face In My Sink
9. Voyage Through The Multiverse
10. U Could Get Arrested
11. Journey On
12. Face In The Basin
13. Do Not Feed The Alligators
14. Twelve Sided Dice
15. Maximum 60 Lost In A Dream
16. Answer For The Owl


Machiventa said...

love this album, mad underrated. nice write up man.

jeronymus said...

Love this too! Any chance this could be reposted?