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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

What's wrong with Rakim?

I think everyone is (or should be) excited with the fact that rakim is releasing his third solo album "The Seventh Seal" this summer, at least I am.

But lately I didn't like very much of what I've heard from Rakim Allah.

1. Some months ago he said this in an interview:

"Are you a Dipset fan?
No doubt. I like the Diplomats’ swagger, man. Juelz, Cam’ron, Jim Jones—they bring a lot of swagger back to the game. New York needs somebody right now to hold New York down.

So when will there be a Rakim/Diplomats collaboration?
Probably soon, man. They one of the cats in the game that I got a lot of respect for, music respect and street respect as well."

2. He made a cameo on Juelz Santana's video... that's wack.

3. Today, when I went to Rakim's page in wikipedia, I saw this on the collaborations section: "New York City" (Lloyd Banks featuring 50 Cent and Rakim) (Rotten Apple Bank's upcoming album)

So I checked on google and I found out that the track name and the 50 Cent featuring isn't confirmed yet... but Rakim is gonna be on Lloyd Banks album...

I never expected to see Rakim on a g-unit track..

So I'm a bit worried about "The Seventh Seal"...
It's good to have guestspots, but Rakim needs to chose well the artists that he's going to colaborate, and don't fill the album with tracks with Dipset, G-Unit, D4L, or any other wack artists.

Now, some good stuff about Rakim... check VegaTheTerrible for videos of the 6-10-6 show (shit, I just wish I was there...)

Agree? Don't Agree? Hit me up.


SeV_oNe said...

Rakim is the emcee that got me into Hip Hop, I cant believe what youre sayin, I pray to god that aint true, cus I dont know how Id be able to turn my back on Rakim. There aint nothin wrong wit dipset and whoever they jus aint my preference. Damn man, everyone is jumpin on the bandwagon, its so sad man.

bankhead said...

Rakim was in Juelz his video because of 'Mic Check'. Like a tribute. I don't see what so bad about that. He ain't rapping or anything. And what you think, rakim still gone rape like 8 years back ? hell no. still I don't hope he's putinnng ANY g-unit members on his new joint. that's straight whack.

Kazeiro said...

yeah, I also hope that he keeps it real

Pozitiv said...

& i feel good that he is going to make COLLABOS with 50 CENT,G-UNIT & DIPSET CREW!
They are HOT in some other way! Please dont say they are wack because u use to
listen to their songs ONCE in YOUR LIFETIME!
SO rakim with g-unit is PERFECT COMBINATION!
Dont DISRESPECT the REAL HIP HOP,if u dont know whats RAP or HIP HOP just

Anonymous said...

whathafuck.... are you fuckin insane
i dont know what are you talking about
but there's something i know you are a say something
like that........ you better step aside.

ps: Do you have a fucking idea what it means KEEP IT REAL.

Anonymous said...

After hearing how dated and simplistic Ra's "The Master" was, nothing about him surprises me anymore.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Ugh? 50Pennies and The Dipshits? Are you serious?
Guess I should've seen it comin', Rakim isn't the same MC he used to be (obvious) even still....

Anonymous said...

Give the guy a break... he has nothing left to prove. Who knows what motivates him? He's trying to stay current in a game that has changed radically since his golden era. Let the man earn some money and feed his kids...