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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

"It Looks Like a Jungle Sometimes..."

Lately I haven't apeared here too much, my Internet connection is failing constantly, so I can't make many uploads.

Here's a the Best of Grandmaster Flash, Furious Five & Grandmaster Melle Mel, an album full of classics, a true tribute to the Old School, I enjoyed this album a lot, it's amazing.
And here's the video from back in the day, almost 25 years old and the song is still great, this is a classic!! This is the video that changed Hip-Hop Forever (don't get fooled by the guy with the hat looking soo gay in the video)


Tommy B. said...

It's hard to belive sometimes that THIS is where hip-hop all began...

Excellent post!


BiffReagle said...

great stuff man, always good to return to the classicccsss