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Friday, June 30, 2006


Rakim [2004] Legends V.1
This is a compilation of Rare/Unreleased material from Rakim Allah, this man is a lyrical genious, one of the best (if not THE best) MC of all time, every line he spits is a classic... there's no need for more details...

01. Intro
02. We All Got Plans ( Unreleased )
03. The Saga Begins
04. What's Going On
05. The Ghetto
06. Musical Massacre
07. Cypher In The Park ( Unreleased )
08. Hypnotic ( Unreleased )
09. Juice Know The Ledge
10. Let The Rhythm Hit Em
11. St Ides ( Unreleased )
12. The Punisher
13. Original Style ( Unreleased )
14. Cold Feeling ( Unreleased )
15. Punish Em Feat Canibus ( Unreleased Version )
16. New York (Rmx) ( Unreleased )
17. Paid In Full
18. Eric B For President
19. In The Lab ( Unreleased )
20. Ny 2 Cali ( Unreleased )
21. Hoodlum ( Unreleased )
22. Remember That
23. Livin For The City ( Unreleased )
24. I Get Visual ( Unreleased )
25. Waiting For The World To End
26. U Dont Fool Me ( Unreleased )

EDIT: I recently found out this track, that I've never heard about.. enjoy..

Mobb Deep feat. Rakim & Big Noyd - Hoodlum


Tommy B. said...

cool drop man! I've been looking for the unedited version of My Melody, have ya ever seen that floating around by any chance?


Kazeiro said...

sorry man, I didn't even know that there was an unedited version

Tommy B. said...

yeah...after the line where he goes "pull up a chair...My name is Rakim allah..." on the unedited version, it goes "pull up a chair, and I'm gunna tear shit up". I used to have it on some K-Tel cassette tape many years back and that's the last I ever heard or saw of it. I'm stil hunting though...

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Anonymous said...

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