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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Sabac Red - Sabocalypse

Sabac Red (2004) Sabocalypse
Sabac Red of Non-Phixion releases his debut solo album on Psycho+Logical Records, If you're a fan of Immortal Technique and other political rappers, you cannot let this album pass, this guy his really good, don't let the low budget album cover fool you.

1. "Intro"
2. "Organize"
3. "Sabacolypse (Truth)"
4. "Positive & Negative" (feat. Necro)
5. "Revelation"
6. "Protest Music"
7. "Bac's Anthem"
8. "Fight Until The End" (feat. Immortal Technique/Roosevel Phillips)
9. "The Scientist" (feat. Q-Unique)
10. "Vinyl"
11. "Unsolved Mysteries"
12. "A Change Gon' Come"
13. "Urban Gorillas" (feat. Q-Unique/Vinnie Paz)
14. "Speak Militant"
15. "I Have A Dream"


Unknown said...


BiffReagle said...

never really liked sabac to be honest... just cant get into his style like necro

Kazeiro said...

To me necro is worst, He got nice wordplay, but in my opion he sucks..

eda said...


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